Sunday, December 29, 2013

Being believed as the fastest growing city with highly stable economy and political conditions, Dubai has become famous among those who are seeking to find out 2nd home to settle down. The Emirate is world renowned for its hottest travel and tourism spots, breathtaking architectural structures and profitable investment opportunities for everyone who is willing investing in the city. The city has been executing the role of business and trade hub in the region of Middle East. With highly cosmopolitan culture the city truly display the real melting pot of cultures which welcomes everyone. Moreover, the negligible crime rate has made this place heaven for everyone, who has desire to invest and live here. Perfectly located at the crossroads of Asia and Africa on Persian Gulf, Dubai has been playing the role of traditional trade route since ancient times. It connects Middle East and countries of Far East Asia to Europe. With ultra modern lifestyle facilities the city has maintained very good atmosphere that supports single migrants and expat families, who have chosen Dubai to work and accommodate. The dynamic city is capable to execute needs of everyone. Whether you are considering visiting this city for short period of time to spend holidays or you have decided to invest your money after retirement and settled down in the city on permanent basis, Dubai is filled with bright opportunities. Job seekers and investors will love exploring bright career opportunities and profitable investment options.

Freehold Property Law impacted positively on Dubai Property Market

Having competitors like France and Spain, Dubai is on the go to become the most beautiful second home destination across the world. A remarkable rise has been observed in the popularity graph of this city on international levels. The outstanding and iconic residential and commercial buildings have made Dubai a luxury place to live. These property units have been available for rent to everyone whereas real estate property developments which are located in freehold areas are also available for sale for foreigners. In year 2007 State Government had announced the Freehold Property Law to drag investors across the world. Furthermore the tax free business and shopping facilities also attracts investors with small capitals.

Dubai efficiently satisfying Expats and Second home seekers across the world

Dubai is well connected with all major continents and countries across the world. The city possesses one of the world’s busiest international airports which operate 130 airlines across the world. The primary aim of migrants coming from Asian countries like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh is to find a good job and better lifestyle opportunities. In contrast expats coming from western and European countries consider Dubai to spend their holidays or to invest in real estate and other sectors. The rising interest of investors in different industries have created number of job opportunities in the city.

Government’s strategy to transform Dubai

Despite being built on the deserts, the primary reason of unmatched progress and growth of the city is wise investments and strategic planning of State Government. Soon after the discovery of oil reservoirs in 1966, State Government have invested petro dollars in business and trade sectors to diversify its economy with aim to reduce its dependency from oil export. Rulers of Dubai facilitated developers and investors to start new residential and commercial real estate projects. In order to improve travel and tourism sector they have also built-up leisure and entertainment spots to cater people of all age group. Instead of  these manmade attractions, the Emirate is being benefited to possess white sandy beaches which tend to be warm even during winter season. The waterfront residential dwellings, resorts and short stays equally allure second home seekers, tourists and holiday makers, who love luxury lifestyle.Recently after winning the bid to host EXPO 2020, a great surge has been observed in business sectors and industries like real estate, hospitality, travel and tourism sectors. The event is also expected to add numerous job opportunities in different sectors across Dubai and UAE.  Such positive trends have greatly enhanced image of Dubai on international levels. Furthermore, it also facilitate Dubai to become the favorite second home Destination


Boosted up from a small fishing village, Dubai is now capable to execute the lifestyle and business needs of everyone living and migrating city. Now the city is ranked among world’s leading cities which are famous among second home seekers.

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