Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tips to become reliable real estate company in Dubai

If you are running property business, reliable image will become a must for your business success. A well-equipped office located somewhere in the city center is not enough to pull customers towards you. This is because buying, selling and leasing properties are taken as an important investment. Whether, it involves local buyers, sellers or tenants or an overseas investor, it has observed that everyone prefer working with trusted professional consultant.

Firstly, what you need to do is to get your firm certified with licensing bodies. Licensing is the primary step towards becoming a reliable consultant. People feel more confident when they know they are working with an authorized firm. Irrespective to the size of asset market, real estate companies are facilitating everyone involved in all kind of property transactions across the world. Their role will become more important if asset sector is capable to produce GDP for the territory.

Dubai the second largest Emirate in UAE has got itself recognized as regional/international business and investment hub city. This city has successfully diversified its oil based economy into finance, trade, tourism and investment. Among all other investments, real estate has emerged as an important investment sector in the city. Several property consultants are working in the city to simplify the process of buying properties for everyone including local and foreign buyers. If you are planning to launch an estate consultancy or you already possess a one and thinking about how to get yourself recognized as reliable real estate company in Dubai, you can consider the following simple tips.

Define your goals
Once you have identified your goals it becomes easier to setup your action plan. Although, you have the freedom to work and deal with buyers, sellers and investors, it is better if you consider working on proper plan. Don’t run behind everyone unless you become well aware with the industry. Try concentrating to develop a strategy to get online leads and new listings. Properly designed plan of action will empower you to avoid losses. 

Proper Branding is a must
However, you have carefully chosen your work strategy, proper branding of your business is mandatory to win the heart of your existing and prospective customers. Work with effective marketing material to advertise your company in niche market you belong to.  And this should be done on regular basis………Read Full article

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Why choose to buy properties for sale in Dubai?

Availability of surplus choices has made real estate market more inevitable for conventional buyers and investors alike. Dubai property market possesses huge supply of diverse asset types including a wide select of residential and commercial units, which are available sale. Major types of assets available for sale include apartment, villa, resort, hotel, warehouse, and office and retail space. Besides offering plenty of options, State Government also implemented a legislation in year 2002 which is called Freehold Property law to facilitate foreign buyers as well. Hence, foreigners are allowed to buy properties in designated areas across the city; overseas buyers started searching for suitable Dubai properties for sale.

You are not short of options 

Huge supply of fresh units and high profile developments is not only the single reason that helped to achieve the status of investment hot spot in the region of Middle East. Rather certain other factors are also involved. Like warm winters, low crime rate, zero taxes on income and profits are also dragging prospective buyers. In addition to that adequate regulatory system gives complete peace of mind to everyone looking to buy an asset in Dubai.

Buy to avail the finest options

Strategic investment of petro dollars and collective efforts of investors and developers have enabled this city to compete with well-developed hub cities in the west like London or New York. This emirate has become the home for breathtaking residential and commercial towers and world’s finest resorts and villas. Moreover, white sandy beaches, year round sunshine and hospitality of Arabs make this city an ideal option for second home seekers. As more people are relocating to find their second home they eventually buy a classic apartment or villa for their accommodation.

It will be a great feeling to find home in ideal location

On the other hand, it ideal location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe make it easily accessible from all major continents across the world with maximum flight distance of 8 hours. After considering this ease to travel, businessmen and corporate firms started relocating their head offices and franchises in Dubai as they find it easy to interact with their international clients while owing a work setup in the city.

Find a perfect second home and enjoy lifestyle

Last but not the least, the cosmopolitan culture and nightlife of this city also played a great role to drag foreign property buyers across the world. As they find this city a very suitable place to retire and spend rest of their life in their own house in a foreign country. Negligible crime rate, good margin to earn profits and tax free shopping allures everyone.

These are the few reasons that played a major to grow the demand for all kind of properties for sale in Dubai. Whether being investor, job seeker, second home seeker visiting this bustling city of UAE might wish to own their home or office unit in the city.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Checklist for buying Dubai villas for Sale

Being spotted among finest places to settle down on earth, Dubai is known to offer plethora of choices to cater lifestyle needs of its residents. From housing, career and education to entertainment and dining facilities, there is no shortage of opportunities. Luxury life style offerings have enabled this city to drag people attention across the world which resulted in unusual population mix of 80% expats and 20% local Emirati residents.

The true melting pot of diverse cultures is capable to proffer diverse comfortable accommodation options which are available for rent and sale. Irrespective of being foreign national, local UAE national or GCC residents, you can choose to buy residential property in Dubai. Despite there is a huge select of lodging units are available for sale, villas in Dubai becomes most preferred choice among buyers who need more space, privacy and comfort to accommodate their families. Below I am sharing a simple checklist which may help those who are looking to buy a villa unit for family accommodation.

Location-the key factor

Location is the prime factor every buyer has to consider. While deciding location, it is suggested to consider the proximity with public transport like Metro or a tram station. Next you should check amenities available within the community. A family friendly development perhaps possesses its own nursery, school, pharmacy and supermarket. If they are not the part of development, try locating the closets lifestyle amenities including petrol pumps, shopping centers and clinic. Ideally self-contained neighbourhoods are best for families.

Size of the unit

Possibly you don’t need a huge villa hence small space is sufficient to cater the two of you. But what will you do if your parents decided to live with you or your relatives often visiting you. And surely every couple considers expanding their family as they settle down in their family home. These are the things you should not ignore when thinking to buy a family lodging space in the city. You might feel good in future when your family enjoy living in spacious home with large windows with lush green front yard.

Community views can be important

Perhaps you get tired of living in the apartment building along the busy street. Although, your apartment unit is chic and well equipped but you don't enjoy the outdoor views from your balcony. And you wish to see some natural beauty like a green lawn or a a fresh stream of flowing water outside your house. Then buying a villa unit in a master planned community can fulfill your desire.

Consider buying a high quality unit

Hence, there are number of single family communities constructed across the city. It is better if you buy a unit in a well designed community with high standards of construction. Such communities offer units with flooring, wall fittings, modern kitchen appliances and more to benefit buyers. This will also prevent you from facing major expenses you are going to do to furnish your villa unit.

Do some research to choose the best developer

A loyal real estate developer will not leave its clients just after selling a unit to them. Rather they will always try ensuring their clients that their decision is best. Check developer previous record to know the level of services they have offered to their clients. Ask for friends recommendations about their credibility. It is necessary to make yourself satisfied before making any financial transactions.

Service charges and standard of maintenance

Hence, it is believed that service charges for single family units are much lower than apartments. It is necessary to estimate recurring monthly or yearly charges which include after purchase maintenance community. It is better if you inquire about the maintenance agency of community. As it would be difficult for you to find reliable maintenance service provider in case of emergency repair work. Also look for smart home security system to ensure high level of security for your home.

Garden area and amenities

Having considered the lifestyle needs of standard families, such projects offer green spaces with all units irrespective to number of bedrooms. Lush landscaping empower children to get closed with nature. where basic amenities encompasses easy access to extras like gym, swimming pool and retail store. Also check whether the community should be gated to protect your children.
Resale value-last but not the least

So you have decided buying a villa unit to change your lifestyle permanently. It is possible you might think to resell it to collect finances to fulfill other needs. In case you have find a better job in other country and needs funds to relocate there with your family. Or you are simply shifting to another community to avail bigger and better accommodation unit. It's all up to you, whether you will decide to resell your home. This shows that it is better to consider the resale worth of units before buying in new community.

Dubai villas for sale can prove to be very suitable for those who need suitable accommodation space to execute housing needs of their families and kids. This checklist will help everyone in choosing to buy family home efficiently.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Apartments for sale in Dubai-a simple investment

Soon after the discovery of oil reservoirs in mid of 1960s, United Arab Emirates started exporting petroleum products to earn GDP. Initially this territory emerged as largest oil based economy. Later with strategic planning and enthusiastic efforts of investors enable UAE to become business and investment hub in the region of Middle East. Especially, Dubai the second largest emirate among all seven showed exceptional progress in all sectors including business, trade, real estate and finance. The city also invested huge money to build up city infrastructure and real estate to facilitate residents.

Luxury lifestyle facilities, tax free business and investment opportunities, negligible crime rate and progressing economy enable this city to gain the world wide status of most desirable place to live or invest. Local and foreign entrepreneurs started considering investing in business and finance sectors in the city. Moreover, after the implementation of freehold property law, foreign buyers started thinking about investing in asset market. Surprisingly, they find real estate very simple to invest and earn profits. There are number of ways you can opt to invest in asset market. Real estate is very huge sector which is capable to offer several profitable opportunities for investors.  Among them all apartments for sale in Dubai turned out to be the simplest way to earn profits.

Wide select of units which are available for sale, include serviced/furnished studios, classic and hotel apartments. You can choose to buy the most suitable type to secure profits. Perhaps, you want to earn profits in long run. In this case you should go for renting. However, if you are seeking to generate profits quickly selling on higher prices will be the right option for you. If you are buying any kind of residential property to generate earnings or profits, it will be different from becoming a conventional home owner. As you are not actually living in your home rather you are renting or selling it to others.  Below I am discussing few major types of apartments available for sale.

Serviced /furnished apartments

They are ideal for those who want to generate regular income after renting their residential unit. Overseas investors can also avail this opportunity. Solid growth in tourism sector has made it very profitable as people are flocking to Dubai throughout the year for multiple reasons. You will be able generate fixed rental income with lower risks. As you are not renting your property for long term, lesser paper work is required. No need to sign lease contracts. Letting will be same like booking a room in hotel. Moreover, occupant will not demand to for minor repairs and maintenance issues if there are any. Buying a serviced studio or furnished one-bed classic unit will be the best choices for you if you want to generate income on regular basis. 

Hotel Apartments

They are more like hotel suites, what make them different from traditional hotel rooms is that they allow occupant to cook their food on their own and it’s not mandatory for them to avail room services. If they want to avail room services, they need to pay extra money for that. Major benefit of buying such units as investment property is that you don’t need to deal with tenants directly as such projects possess their own operating system of booking. But as you possess the ownership of particular unit you can earn good money after letting it.

Whether you have opted to invest in serviced/furnished units or Dubai hotel apartments, there is always a good chance to earn profits. If you want to buy apartment unit in Dubai, it’s better to contact with reliable real estate firm. They will identify your needs and budget and show the most suitable units available for sale. 

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Guide to find Dubai Villas for Rent

Strong economy, negligible crime rate, excellent education and health facilities enable Dubai to gain the status of ideal second home among families. Furthermore, zero taxes on income and profits added more elegance. Expats who have been working here usually consider bringing their families in the bustling Middle Eastern city. Although, there are plenty of residential options are available you can choose to accommodate your family. Among them all Dubai villas are considered to be most preferred choice among families. According to their construction design they are similar to single family homes. They are usually constructed in gated master planned communities which are spotted across the prime locations in the city. Dubai villas for rent are capable to provide tranquil residence for expat families.

If you are a luxury lover and looking to enjoy more privacy and fond to live like local Emiratis, your search will end at villas. Even small families can even rent a small unit with 3-4 bedrooms. Irrespective to their size, the kind of residential units will let you enjoy plush living in the city. Hence, your housing unit possesses private front yard and parking facilities. You are free to keep pets as your house is not sharing walls with other units in the community. Perhaps, you will find a unit with swimming pool with luxury units.

Although, there is no shortage of rental villa units, you will still need some guideline to find the most appropriate unit for you. I am sharing simple guideline that will facilitate you to take suitable decision.

Community-choose the best

Choosing the right community is of core importance. Communities offer different types units to execute diverse accommodation needs of home seekers. There are communities offering super luxury units exclusively for those who have no budget constraints. It is suggested to consider your budget and total accommodation expenses while choosing the neighborhood.

Find a reliable agent

Even though you are living in the city as an expat worker, finding a family accommodation can be daunting process for you. Possibly, you don’t have idea about expat friendly communities. A reliable agent who is associated with reputed real estate firm can help you in this regard. He can also show you the best units available for rent according to your needs and budget.

Don’t forget to set your priorities

However, renting residential unit is a temporary contract and you can terminate this contract once you find this is what you don’t need or in case you find better accommodation option. Establishing your priorities is very important. Make a list of musts and dig in to the details to cover everything you want to see in your home sweet home. Setting up priorities doesn't mean that everything should be present. Make up your mind in way to accept the fact that it is not possible to avail everything within limited budget.

Villa for rent in Dubai can be ideal choice for those who don’t want to live in multilevel residential complexes; rather they are more comfortable to live in single family home or villas to enjoy peaceful lifestyle.

What to consider before start hunting Dubai Apartments?

Professionals from all categories are now considering relocating Dubai to enjoy luxury and tax free lifestyle. Whether being investor, businessman or an expat worker you will essentially need some place to live. Firstly, it’s not possible to buy accommodation space even though you can afford. Booking a hotel room or serviced studio can provide instant solution for such individuals. You can straightaway move with your luggage as soon as you book them. It’s fine to choose such units for your stay to find immediate accommodation. However, later you need to search for proper residence for longer stay in the city. Dubai apartments are very famous among expats, as they are purposefully constructed to cater the musts for wide select of people with diverse needs. They proffer complete lifestyle accommodations for singles, couples and standard families. After considering your needs you can search to choose the best among the heaps.

Irrespective to the type of apartment you are looking for, it is suggested to sow some patience. Don’t just think to buy a residential property at first attempt. It’s better to consider renting first. In order to find the most apt unit for rent, you need to consider few important things even before you start hunting for apartments.

Below I have discussed few preconditions you should consider before initiate you rental property search in Dubai.

Proper planning

Proper planning is universal for aspect of life. Finding a suitable residence is a major task in everyone’s life. It’s better not to become emotional when planning to arrange this necessity. Take your time to identify what you actually need. It will protect you falling in love with impressive units whose higher rents may put burden on you. Narrow down and make a list of essentials for you to make a proper plan.

Next is Budget 

Estimate the total maximum amount you can spend as monthly rent on housing. For this you have to be very sure about your budget. It is suggested that don’t consume the huge part of your budget to avail luxury living as there are certain other things associated with lodging like electricity, water and sewerage. They don’t come free and everyone has to pay.


Think about it seriously prior start searching residential dwelling for rent. It makes sense, as people have different choices. Some of you want to live nearby downtown whereas others are interested to find a house in water front project. The best way is to research on internet and if you have time it’s better to visit different communities to observe the accommodations and life style offerings it possesses to offer.

Ponder about what you can’t live without 

However, you are done with budget estimates and neighborhood’s surveys; still you need to think about life essentials you can’t live without. If you are a gym freak consider renting the unit in projects that offer gym facilities. Or if you are looking for standard family accommodation explore about schools and health facilities in the area. Mulling over such things will save your time and money, once you properly initiate house hunting.

Also enlist the things you can live without 

Yet it may sound bit negative, but this is the fact that no one prefer renting an apartment possessing almost everything they have enlisted on their wish list. You have to be carefully choose what is actually holds the status of must-have for you. Only a millionaire with unlimited budget can think to include everything as must haves. 

If you consider these basic things during searching apartments for rent in Dubai, you will feel more confident and facilitated. Hence, you are sure about your needs and budget, there will be lesser probabilities to fail.

Monday, 5 January 2015

How to hunt villas for sale in Dubai?

As you have been living in Dubai as single working expat for several years and you have eventually decided to make this city your second home and needs family accommodation here. You might be thinking to buy a villa to provide tranquil and secure accommodation for your family. Being constructed in gated master planned communities on prime locations across the city, Dubai villas are ideal for families. They also proffer other lifestyle amenities like retail stores, gyms, sports club and parks with in the community. Generally speaking it’s a good decision to choose independent dwelling to accommodate your family.

Despite you have been living in the city for long time, you may still need to know few basic things to streamline the process of suitable house hunting. Don’t get mesmerized after watching the beautiful lawn and impressive exteriors. Below I am sharing few things which will help you to find a suitable one among the heap of villas for sale in Dubai.

Establish priorities

Priorities should be established before even viewing any unit. You should sit down; recall and writing everything you wish to see in your family home. It’s better to consider taking reviews of your family members. Few of you possibly thinking its total waste of time and there is no good of doing that. Believe me this simple effort will empower you to make the right decision to opt for the best. As you have already decided and know your life style essentials.

Work with reliable real estate firm

Being the vibrant sector, property market in Dubai is experiencing lot of happening.  This not only includes property transactions but also includes huge involvement of buyers, seller, tenants and professionals. It is necessary to find a reliable and RERA authorized agency to avoid scams. A certified consultancy firm will help and guide you in the right direction. After considering your budget and needs they can better suggest you the most suitable unit to purchase.

Explore about different communities and neighborhood

Whether you have decided to buy ready now unit in existing community, or you have chosen an off plan unit in under construction community. It is suggested to explore community to check lifestyle offerings it possesses to offer for their residents. Are you looking for a residence that provides easy access to supermarket, area gym and school or you prefer living near your workplace to reduce the daily commute? Or you are interested to know the resale value of properties in the neighborhood. Considering these checkpoints will facilitate you making the right choice. As buying a lodging space for your family is huge investment indeed, even for conventional buyers.

Consider property valuation Report before making final decision

Once you have chosen a unit to buy and proceed for lending money, lender may send a third party to evaluate the ready now unit you are going to buy. If the appraiser found unit price significantly high as compared to other similar units in the community, lender will not lend the whole amount you have requested for. In such cases you have to arrange this extra money on your own. It is better to double check the property and its price to avoid unnecessary financial stress. Perhaps, you have got allured with huge swimming pool and lush green front yard. If this cost too much then it’s better to switch for other option.

Whether you are going to buy an off plan or ready now villa in Dubai, read thoroughly all the documents before signing sales contract. If you are taking mortgage for your property purchase, try to obtain a copy to read the document before meeting with your lender.

Residential properties for rent in Dubai executing diverse accommodation needs

Raised from a small fishing village, Dubai has recognized itself among international hub cities. The highly developed Middle Eastern country is capable to cater business, investment, leisure and entertainment needs for people living and visiting. Besides fulfilling these business needs, real estate investors and developers focused to construct wide range of residential dwellings to fulfill diverse accommodation needs of people coming and staying in the city across the world.
Despite being ultra-modern, spacious and well fitted with chic home fixtures, residential units can also categorized in to different types according to their construction pattern and architectural design. If you start searching residential properties for rent in Dubai, you will find diverse kind of dwellings.

Residential property types

Perhaps, you have decided relocating to Dubai with intentions to become an expat worker or a foreign investor. You will essentially need a suitable lodging space in order to keep your belongings safe during your stay in the city. It’s not possible to buy or rent a home as soon as you land in the city. Initially you may book a hotel room for your stay. But you can’t continue living there for longer period of time let’s say for several months or years. As it can vanish away your funds soon. What I suggest for such expats is to do some research on internet before you actually landed in the city. While searching on internet you will find a wide select of housing units available for rent which can facilitate tenants including singles, couples and families. You are free to select the most suitable housing unit to rent after considering your lifestyle and accommodation needs. Below I have discussed few most common types of residential assets available for rent in the city.


The kind of housing refers to purposefully constructed unit in a multilevel residential building. Dubai is known to offer various kinds of apartments that mainly include studios, classic units with one to several bedrooms and pent houses. You can choose to rent them furnished or unfurnished. They can support comfortable living for singles, couples and standard families as well.

Villas or Single Family Homes

According to their construction design, Dubai villas are same like single family homes. They don’t share walls with their neighborhoods. If you have migrated with your family, this will be perfect choice for you. After considering your family needs you can rent a small unit with three or four bedrooms or more in case you have huge family. You can enjoy unmatched privacy while living in the villa. Possibly these units possess their own front yard and backyards. Despite all these benefits you will need to spend more time on maintenance.


Condominiums are more like single family homes. What make them different from single family homes is that they share walls with one or two other units in the community. Most of the projects offer shared facilities for community residents including gym, swimming pools and lounge areas for community gatherings.


The type of unit is a combo of condominium and single family home. Townhouses are usually constructed in the building with multiple floors. Their interior construction design is same like single family homes with shared walls like condos. The dwelling also offer shared rooftop deck or sitting area or yard space that can be used for gatherings. But they don’t offer gyms and pool.

Whether being single or expat, if you are looking to find suitable accommodation for rent in Dubai, diverse options are there to execute housing needs. It’s all up to you to identify the best dwelling type to rent.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hiring a real estate company in Dubai

After considering the profits with buying real estate assets in UAE, even conventional buyers are considering to become an asset investor.  Despite being the simplest investment among the pile of options, asset investment also demands proper management like any other business. Days are gone when people buy residential or commercial assets or land plots and wait for suitable buyer or tenant to generate profits upon selling or renting. Initially, landlords used to manage their investment asset on their own. They prefer hiring only home maintenance contractors for necessary repairs and upgrades to add some value to their investment property. During that time there was no concept of working with professionals for finding tenants or buyers for their investment assets.

Who should hire?

Hiring a professional firm is very suitable for overseas investors as it is not possible for them to visit every time for repair and maintenance work or to find suitable tenant or buyer for their asset. However, local investors possessing multiple investment properties can also take advantage of services offered by management firms.

How they can help landlords?

These firms are capable to work as your partner and help you to maximize the profits on your real estate investment in several ways. They take good care of your dwelling and don’t let your rental property remain vacant for long. Moreover, they completely manage essential maintenance work with in your budget constraints. Hiring a professional to manage your investment asset is good idea to avoid stress. It is necessary to identify that whether you need a professional management firm or not. Once you identify the need, you can proceed to hire a suitable real estate company in Dubai.

When to hire property management firm?

If you are professional investor possessing several rental units, it will not be possible to look after your assets alone or in case you live far away from your property or you live overseas, asset management firm can provide valuable services and helps you to provide complete peace of mind. It has observed that most of the home owners enjoy managing their properties on their own and they prefer finding suitable tenants and buyers on their own. But this can become difficult for those who have opted real estate investment as part time job. Real estate Company can be good option for such landlords who still want to grow their property business by providing more investment opportunities and finances to renovate existing units. Those who have already been successfully managing their investment properties also decided to hire professional at point when managing assets becomes difficult for them.

Real estate consultancy firms have become a mandatory component of asset markets across the world. Although hiring a property management firm in UAE will seems to cost you but in a long run it will prove to be useful investment towards securing profits without stress.

How studios are more economical than one bedroom apartment for rent in Dubai?

Asset market in Dubai offers plenty of accommodation options for everyone including singles, couples and families. Having considered the increasing interest of foreign nationals towards this city, in order to find better job, business and investment opportunities, real estate developers purposefully constructed residential dwellings to execute accommodation needs of singles and working couples who have relocated to this city as an expat. Being single resident it is useless to rent a huge villa or classic apartment unit with multiple beds.  Studios and one-bedroom units are the two most suitable lodging options they can avail according to their convenience.

Low cost is the major advantage associated with studio units. In contrast to classic one bedroom apartment in Dubai studios support economical lifestyle.

How studio apartments are facilitating economical lifestyle for singles/expat workers?

Lower rent rates

Rentals for standard studio are obviously lesser than classic unit with one bed. This way you can save significant part of your budget you will be spending in paying rent. Those who have strict budget constraints should prefer these units while renting.

Save from electricity bills

As they provide small lodging space with kitchen, dining and sleeping area altogether with walled bath area, it is possible to reduce huge electricity bills. You don’t need to install separate light for every area. A huge central light and few smaller lights can fulfill the needs. Similarly, it’s easy to maintain the temperature of interiors in summer and winter with small energy consumption.

Smaller furnishing expenses

As studios are smaller in size, they don’t require much furnishing. There is no need to buy huge dining table and sofas. Kitchen counter can serve your dining table. Huge range of multipurpose furniture is also available in the market. You can buy the one according to your needs. You can also lease a furnished unit if you don’t want to spend your time and money in renovation and decoration.  If you are sharing with a roommate things become more affordable.

You may have more spare time

Being small in size, they don’t need much time for routine cleaning and upkeep. But this doesn't mean you can throw anything anywhere. You have to be more organized while living in a studio. There is little space for clutter. If you don’t care and keep on throwing things your living space becomes messy. If you want to enjoy having more spare time for rest and freelance work, you show some level of responsibility to keep your place organized.

Considerable privacy

Despite being smaller in size, studios are capable to provide increased level of privacy as compared to hotels. If you are on short trip, letting a furnished studio will be a cost effective solution for them. As they can keep their belongings save and sleep well in the night.

Singles or expat couples, who have relocated to this city for certain period of time, can benefit with studio apartments for rent in Dubai. You can find them to rent as both furnished and furnished units to support better life.