Sunday, 1 March 2015

Apartments for Sale in Dubai Marina - Fulfilling Housing Needs

Dubai Marina continues to be a popular location to buy apartments. In spite of it being a well-established community, apartments for sale in Dubai Marina can generally be harder to find however ample options are still available. Apartments for sale in Dubai Marina can command higher rates than those in newer and less-established communities particularly when buying apartments within the original construction zone because of its restaurants and other shopping facilities..........View 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Villas for Sale in Dubai - Experience High Class Accommodation

Dubai offers a broad range of high class accommodation opportunities for people looking for villas on the sale market.  Not all luxury properties are located in the same communities however some areas do have a greater selection than others......View Full Article

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Better Homes Dress Code

Explore property market and real estate sector in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE to Rent buy or sell residential and commercial properties with Better Homes LLC.

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Monday, 16 February 2015

Renting v Buying - A Financial Comparison

Planning to live in Dubai for the long term? If so, this infographic could help you save hundreds of thousands of Dirhams in living costs over the next six years. You'll pick up some valuable insights from our experts on how what you spend compounds dramatically over time.

Apartments for Rent in Dubai - Rent for Perfect Living Space

There are a broad range of communities and new developments to choose from when deciding where to rent an apartment in Dubai.The property market has grown substantially in the last 10 years giving potential renters a number of choices on apartments for rent in Dubai.For those new to the process it’s best to start with due diligence for which there is ample information available on the market.To rent an apartment in Dubai you need a valid residence visa, a bank account and your DEWA account; 4 cheques to the owner are generally standard and leases for a minimum of one year - however there are variations across the board so it’s best to ask around.Apartments for rent in Dubai can be sourced through property portals, directly with property agencies or through word of mouth.When conducting your due diligence on the property owner of the apartment you want to rent in Dubai, make sure the original title deed is presented........View Full Source

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Luxury within reach - Green Community, Dubai

Green Community aims to provide a way of life within a working and living secure community which encompasses landscaped gardens, stone streets and a relatively traffic free environment. Covering 67 lush hectares of residential, leisure, retail, and commercial properties the development prides itself on its modern and beautiful surroundings with natural greenery being the key to the peace and tranquillity. We aim to offer residents a unique way of living outside the city.

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Commercial Property: 7 things you must know

If your business is ready to relocate, these tips will save you time and money. 

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Area Guide: Marina Dubai

Dubai Marina has everything a newly arrived expat could want as well as plenty to entertain the long-term resident. Watch what's great about this area and what's not. 

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Sunday, 8 February 2015

How Real Estate Agents Become Helpful When You Sell or Buy Dubai Property

A helpful Dubai real estate agent should know the ins and outs of buying and selling Dubai property if they’re going to be of value in the purchase or sale of your home. There are plenty of unhelpful agents out there so look for particular skills when conducting your due diligence to find one that is competent. Buying Dubai property isn't an easy process, especially as the rules and regulations are more stringent and complex; a Dubai real estate agent who understands the property industry and the players should make the process easy for the client. A helpful agent will be committed to you from early on in the buyer-sales process through to the end; clients should not have to be doing the majority of the work themselves. The right Dubai real estate agent to buy or sell your property should have positive client references, should have recently bought or sold a property successfully and should be represented by a reputable agency. Buying Dubai property will be made easier with a helpful property agent who is organised and administratively efficient.  

Dubai real estate agents who are capable negotiators and who can juggle multiple clients and deals at the same time while also giving each the support required is one to choose. As most real estate agents all over the world, including Dubai real estate agents, are all motivated to close deals, it may be a challenge when clients are buying or selling Dubai property to expect honesty in response to their questions. A helpful, trustworthy Dubai real estate agent should demonstrate honesty in all client feedback by being empathetic with both the buyer and the seller within all of their deals. Clients who have had a positive, helpful experience with an agent are more likely to come back to them in the future or to refer clients to them who are looking for a helpful Dubai real estate agent when they themselves are either buying or selling a Dubai property....View Full

Monday, 2 February 2015

Buy Residential Properties in Dubai - Buy a Dream Home


Buying a residential property in Dubai, particular one’s dream home, takes research, planning and a helpful checklist. There are so many residential properties for sale in Dubai it’s hard to know where to begin - starting with location is generally the easiest. If the property is being purchased to flip then your decision involves selecting a residential property for sale in Dubai in a community that will be popular way into the future; and, that will or has been quality constructed so that will hold its value for the long term. If it’s about finding a dream home to live in then the unit has to match the lifestyle of the buyer. When buying a residential property in Dubai, look for a well-maintained building with a reputable property management company, so the investment will endure for the long term. In your due diligence make sure the contractor is dependable and has a reputation for quality construction so you’re not left with a property that looked nice at the beginning but doesn’t last into the future. Finances are usually at the top of the list when considering where one should choose to buy a residential property in Dubai.