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Rising demand for all kind of commercial assets is that Dubai commercial real estate has been showing continuously while revealing numerous opportunities for investors.

Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Key Commercial Real Estate Markets in Dubai

Explore and choose the best investment opportunity in Dubai commercial real estate market.

Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You may run out of words, but still you will not be able to put into words what Dubai feels like. There might not be much natural beauty there, but whatever it has, that is totally mind blowing. The gorgeous beaches, man-made attractions and breathtaking desserts. What else can you ask for? If you are in a mood to go for vacations or simply a city break, Dubai must be on your wish list. You cannot only give your eyes pleasure of seeing the lovely architecture and luxurious skyscrapers, but there are many points where nature is depicted in its best form - for example, the deep, peaceful and glorious deserts. There might be lots of them in the world, but it is said that desert safari in Dubai is an ultimate experience and nothing can beat that.

You do not have to plan anything before going to desert safari because there are many companies to facilitate your need. You simply have to walk up to them and explain your requirement. They pick you from the desired spot in their luxurious SUVs, which are driven by experts and under government license. All you have to do is enjoy at top of your heart and gain memories by simply following the plan that the company has for you. You can visit our website here:

Here are a few tips that can make your desert safari experience even better:

1: Go for those professionals who share a good market reputation. For this purpose, you can inquire either your hotel, or some locals. If not, internet is full of information that can help you in making a good decision.

2: Always check for the package that the company has to offer – do not compromise on the rates otherwise you may not get what you have been intending. Do not get impressed by the common options that each company would offer you. For example, common options that each company include:

-  Dune drive
 - Sand ski
·  Refreshments

·  Camel trek

·  Costumes

Always evaluate your plan according to the hours you are going to send in the desert. For example, if it is a morning package, you might be happy with simplest options and get away with fair rates. However, for evening, night and overnight plans, the real pleasure includes:

·  Shisha

·  Belly dancing

·  Bonfire

·  Dinner - BBQ

·  Henna painting

·  Bar availability

·  Camp

·  Security

Therefore, never compromise on anything because together all these aspects make your desert safari worth it. You would feel more like being on a roller coaster during the dune bashing – it is certainly a peaceful and thrilling experience when you are moving up and down the sand dunes or enjoying sand ski. Do not forget to snap your pictures with friends or family while getting all the pleasures. Moreover, yes, enjoy the sunset or the sunrise if you get to experience one. Dress up like commoners so that you can cherish their culture too. For once you can live lovely moments in the desert because once it would end, you will be left with a bunch of lovely memories only.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Looking to rent villa in Dubai? Sun, sand and surf await you as you start your search for villas for rent in Dubai.

Choose your haven and immerse yourself in our ever-growing offerings of luxury villas for rent in Dubai in some of the city’s most desirable neighbourhoods. Offering incomparable views of shimmering turquoise waters, generous spaces, stylish interiors and beautifully manicured gardens, rent villa in Dubai that are inspiring spaces to live in.

Gain unrivalled access to extraordinary villas for rent in Dubai through our network of real estate professionals. Skip the guesswork and stay in the know when you rent villa in Dubai.Explore bespoke homes where an extraordinary lifestyle, privacy and everything to make life relaxing and engaging are yours. Browse detailed property information, including photos, virtual tours, descriptions, amenities and location maps. Refine your search for villas for rent in Dubai and venture on a journey to discover your dream property with us.

Popular gated villa communities in Dubai include The Springs, The Meadows, Emirates Hills, Arabian Ranches, Palm Jumeirah, Al Barari and Jumeirah Islands. Perched along private beachfronts with front row seats to spectacular sunsets, our villas for rent in Dubai are amongst the finest residences you can think of when looking to rent villa in Dubai......View Full Source

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It is almost 10 years since Dubai's property business went into a subsidence fuelled money related plunge, and the emirate has seen something of a Hollywood style rebound. In any case, in 2015, 'once nibbled twice bashful' is the mantra of numerous industry experts sharp not to see history rehash itself.

Back in alarming 2008, house costs in Dubai dropped by a huge 70 for each penny after an infection of off-arrangement property flipping – and an excessively, too quick mentality – injured the business sector.

Be that as it may, the Bedouin Spring, in addition to the obligation rebuilding of Dubai World, saw a colossal rerating of Dubai real estate from 2012. The property showcase then topped in April 2014, prompting costs falling by around 20-25 for every penny. Right now, most concur the business sector has hit its first real redress subsequent to the money related tidal wave of 2008.

So what precisely is not too far off for land in Dubai as we push ahead? Can financial specialists and land firms at long last stride off the rollercoaster?

Its a dependable fact that normal manor and flat costs fell by no less than three for each penny in the initial four months of 2015, however this has not halted engineers from progressing with development. This has prompted an emotional decline in exchanges from the elevated amounts of mid 2014. There is additionally the sudden increment in expected conveyances, which is said to go from 22,000 to 25,000 – which is around 10,000 units more than in 2014. This all makes an end of 2015 upward spike in the property business close unthinkable.

At that point there is the Russia impact. Managing an account sanctions and the subsidence in that nation have seen money rich Russian Dubai land purchasers everything except vanish. The fall of the sterling against the US dollar has likewise put off UK purchasers.

On the other hand, all is not as grim as it appears. The Dubai government has been doing its bit to raising so as to endure the boat for the advancing years property exchange duties to effectively demoralizing theoretical rises, in addition to the National Bank of the UAE now nearly screens bank loaning for development ventures.

Since the UAE dirham is pegged to the US dollar, the weight of change in accordance with an oil or collapse stun falls on the property business sector and UAE values, which both crested in May 2014 generally as the US dollar record started its mammoth ascent.

It is sure that merchants situated in England, Russia, India and Europe will slice costs this late spring to take advantage of 2015 money win because of the ascent of the UAE dirham and the US dollar since the previous summer.

To put it plainly, these are still stilted times for the real estate business in Dubai, yet there is a more sensible way to deal with working together and a developing industry that ought to begin harvesting advantages.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The ideal location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia has made Dubai easily accessible with the maximum flight distance of 8 hours to major countries across the continents. The well-constructed metropolis was a small fishing village which has struggled hard to transform itself into business and trade hub in the region of Middle East. Besides this, flexible business and investment policies and zero taxes on income and profits fascinate investors and businessmen across the world and they consider availing opportunities to enjoy handsome profits. On the other hand world class entertainment and leisure facilities also attract holiday makers to plan a Dubai trip with family and friends. Irrespective to their reason to visit, everyone needs suitable accommodation for their stay. Although, the emirate is known to provide several luxury options ranges from super luxury hotels to resorts and opulent holiday villas, its natural desire to find wallet friendly accommodation. It’s not possible for everyone to spend a lot of money to avail luxury living and lifestyle during their business or holiday trip. There are the lot more activities and things which are worth to avail. Whether being a solo traveler or group of family and friends visiting Dubai, finding an affordable short stay is possible for all. Several inexpensive options the city has to offer include serviced studios and apartments, hotel apartments and serviced villas. Such housing options are usually affordable as compared to luxury hotels and resorts and perfect for those who are staying in the city for longer duration. The best thing about these wallet friendly housing options is that they can be rented for few weeks to few months and even for years.

Choosing budget friendly accommodation in Dubai
While choosing wallet friendly rental accommodation in Dubai, you should not only consider the low rent but also consider location, space, access to city center and public transport facilities as well. Try choosing a cost efficient living space which provides easy access to major city attractions, business centers and lifestyle amenities like retail and transport. If you are a solo traveler looking for budget accommodation, serviced studios and hotel apartments are the best options but if you are on a holiday trip with family and friends renting a serviced apartments will let you save good amount as it allows group of people staying together.

Serviced apartments
Affordability is not the only benefit you can avail after booking serviced apartments. Other benefits you may avail will encompass finest living at the exotic location with complimentary or charged housekeeping and maintenance services.  Other amenities you will enjoy include high speed Wi-Fi the internet, telephone, cable TV, private car parking, extra privacy and more living space without spending the extra money. Depending on your needs, you can book a studio apartment or 2, 3 bedroom apartment for your stay. As these apartment units possess well equipped kitchen with its essentials like fridge, microwave, cooking range and other appliances, you will enjoy the freedom of making food of your choice. This will let you save good money which will you spend over eating in restaurant and hotels. Especially families with kids and group of friends could save great money.

Hotel Apartments
Hotel Apartments provides very suitable accommodation for corporate travelers, professionals and businessmen who are used to visit city for business and seminars. Booking a hotel apartment is as easy as booking a room in hotel. Hotel apartments are capable to provide five-star luxury services like hotels and they can be rented for few days to weeks and few months without signing legal contracts. Despite being affordable you can enjoy comfortable living space which is well equipped with modern lifestyle facilities like TV, broadband Wi-Fi internet, laundry services, housekeeping and maintenance services, 24 hours security and equipped kitchen where you can cook your own food. Like luxury hotels, hotel apartments are also located on prime locations in close proximity with business centers and city attractions.

Having considered your personal needs, you can book a serviced apartment or hotel apartment in Dubai without signing tenancy contract. Book the one for you to enjoy luxury living at affordable cost. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dubai has very distinct dynamics at play allowing the city to combine the convenience of being located within a short distance to major landmarks as well as a good mix of the famed city’s lively nightlife, busy retail and public parks. Living in the city brings forth a wide variety of choice of Dubai short stay apartments that have extraordinary locations in and around the very heart of the city.

Finding a suitable apartment for a Dubai short stay is a great alternative to checking in to a hotel. We provide a number of options for those individuals who are looking for a short term rental in Dubai, whether it be for business or pleasure.

Corporate and leisurely stays
One of the many reasons that the Emirate still stands as such a popular destination for tourists and corporate travelers are because of the Dubai short stay accommodation options. From luxury hotels, hotel apartments, serviced apartments and furnished villas, visitors are spoilt for choice in terms of short term rental in Dubai.

Families visiting Dubai can make their stay as comfortable as possible with plenty of villas to choose from, perfect for that much needed vacation, while executives can make their corporate retreats to be about more than just business. Visitors can choose from apartments in a range of sizes from studios to penthouses, ideally suited for executive travelers.

Several of our properties offer the very best views in the city, the perfect backdrop for a memorable visit for Dubai travelers. For those who have a Dubai short stay in mind and would love to relax by warm waters of the Arabian Gulf and its sandy shores, many of our villas and apartments are located near to scenic beaches as well.....view full

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dubai is one of the most sought out tourist locations today, and isn’t just a haven for them. Yearly, numerous people visit the Emirate with the intention of settling down, and with 2020 on the horizon it doesn’t look like the numbers will fall any sooner either. The Dubai real estate industry is already booming and will keep growing making it the best time to invest in Dubai properties at the bargain price. Moreover, visitors here find short-term renting is more feasible in terms of budget as they can conveniently complete whatever business they arrived for, then pack up once they’re done and ready.

Choosing a real estate agency

Getting the most out of an effective property management service depends on the real estate agency you choose to go with. In the case of tourists, a good estate agency will provide them with holiday resorts, beach, villas, apartments and other accommodation options. Most recently, certain Dubai real estate projects that have gained worldwide popularity over the years, namely, the projects involving: The Palm Deira, The Palm Jebel Ali and, The Palm Jumeirah.

With more than 25 years dealing with Dubai real estate, Better Homes is known for their comprehensive services. A person looking for new Dubai properties or interested in selling an existing property will find it relatively easier. Those looking to dive into new opportunities in terms of real estate in the market, the Better Homes property management service takes care of Dubai properties, Abu Dhabi and beyond, giving peace of mind to landlords and tenants. 

The inner workings

Better Homes offers management options for Dubai real estate on single and multiple units, as well as entire buildings and developments in both the residential and commercial sectors. With an average occupancy rate of 96.8 per cent, they have a reliable market reputation of putting landlords and tenants first. 

The estate agency knows and understands that no two Dubai properties are alike and that the same goes for their clientele who usually have varied tastes and requirements. Supervisors and agents even take personal responsibility for properties, ensuring consistency of service.

Analyze your options

Whether you want to buy or rent out a living space to accommodate your family, analyzing your lifestyle needs, family size and income is all you would need to do before checking out Better Homes Real Estate comprehensive property management service.

Their leasing agents and marketing team handle the managed Dubai properties and offer visibility on multiple forms of broadcast media and through their website. While handling Dubai real estate, there’s also screening of potential new tenants, collecting rent, carrying out maintenance and organizing contract renewals, allowing landlords to enjoy the benefit of their investment rather than the hassle are all part and parcel with the service. Thus, tenants can equally enjoy professionally managed and maintained properties with quality service.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dubai property rental can be slightly difficult for a new resident to the city. The prospect of finding a reasonable place to rent property in Dubai, one that fits rental budgets and location requirements is a challenging task, anywhere in the world. In this city especially, finding Dubai Property for rental can be daunting.

The city’s population has increased two fold and is expected to nearly double. In contrast to the overflow of people coming to reside in the city, the Dubai property rental market is presently undersupplied. The numbers of villas and apartments available to rent property in Dubai have not been able to meet the market’s demand, sending rents skyrocketing........View Full Source

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dubai is the second largest land territory among all seven UAE emirates which is world famous for several reasons like state of the art infrastructure facilities, entertainment and business opportunities and complete lifestyle offerings that include a wide select of accommodation options, retail and shopping activities. In short, this Middle Eastern city has successfully become a dream destination for everyone looking to find a perfect second home to settle down with their families after retirement. Moreover, negligible crime rate, strong economy and zero taxes also allure job seekers and investors and drag them to relocate Dubai to avail all the profits and benefits they can enjoy. Having considered such benefits and luxury life style facilities, a huge number of people started relocating to this city with future aims to improve their standard of living.

Villa or Apartment-which is more suitable housing for standard families
Whether being local or an expat worker or a foreign businessman, accommodation is the basic need for all. Asset market possesses multiple kinds of residential units to cater the diverse housing needs of singles and standard families. Among them all villas are considered to be the most suitable lodging option for standard families. You can find the finest collection of villa communities located across the city on prime locations like Palm Island, Jumeirah Island, Arabian Ranches, Emirates Hills and Meadows.

Although, living in an apartment is exciting for many families as they may enjoy the company of neighbours and several lifestyle amenities like gym and pool under the same roof. But when it comes to find a peaceful accommodation unit away from the hustle and bustle of city life offering more living space and open area, villas rank on first position. Moreover, you will enjoy the freedom to decorate your single or multistory house according to your preference.

Choose to rent if buying doesn’t make sense for you
However, you have been living and working in the city for several years and find it suitable to accommodate with your family. Perhaps, your family disagrees to migrate permanently; but they are ready to observe the lifestyle before taking final decision. Then renting will be more suitable option for you. After considering your lifestyle need and family size you can search and find Dubai villas forrent. Estimate the budget you can spend on accommodation and choose to rent a suitable unit to provide comfortable housing to your family. Leasing is also suitable for those who can’t afford buying these family homes.

When should you prefer to buy over leasing?
Whether you should prefer buying a standard family accommodation or not, all depends on the circumstances you are living in. Most of the expats prefer to live in apartment as they find them very capable to answer complete lifestyle needs for their whole family. Later they may decide to shift in a single family home to execute the expanding needs of growing family. Perhaps they need more privacy and green lawn at the front of their house for family get together which is not possible while living in an apartment. In such conditions you can find to buy a perfect villa for sale in Dubai in any suitable community. When you start your search to buy a family home you will find state developers have purposefully constructed several gated residential communities dotted across the city to execute diverse housing needs of small and large families.

Whether, you want buy or rent a living space to accommodate your family, you will not short with the options. In order to make the right decision, what you need to do is to analyze your lifestyle needs, family size and income.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The best way to obtain some considerable profit and make money is by investing in the real estate, especially in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is offering the most lucrative real estate investment opportunities in the present times. Its advancement in the economic sector makes Dubai as the best option for foreign property investment. Most of the property investors from worldwide would consider in the same manner. It surely makes Dubai real estate completely invaluable.

What you need to do here is to look out for the demand of the entire real estate market in Dubai. Even though the market is slowing down due to the global economic conditions, you can still anticipate Dubai properties offering you some great prospects. Why is it so? Consider the following:

Dubai Free Hold Properties
You can buy real estate in Dubai will complete rights of the private property ownership. It comprises of complete title of the land and property. The foreign nationals can enjoy a 100% freehold ownership of few properties in Dubai.

Development In Dubai
Dubai can offer you with great working prospects. People have been relocating to Dubai, as they find great working opportunities in the area. Thus, they really need a place to stay or live in such as villas, houses, apartments, hotels and other residential real estate.

Architectures Dubai
You can find some of the craziest and tremendous architectures in Dubai. Burj Dubai happens to be the tallest skyscraper building located in Dubai presently. The best thing about it is that a man-made lake surrounds Burj Dubai and it has been able to attract people from all around the globe, and as a result they visit Dubai to see the amazing architectures.

Dubai Properties and Real Estate
Some of the most renowned real estate projects in the world are from Dubai that have been able to obtain International standing. There are 3 man-made islands namely The Palm Deira, The Palm Jebel Ali, The Palm Jumeirah. These projects have been able to attract people from worldwide.

Dubai Tourism
As Dubai happens to be one of the most favorite tourist hotspot, and short-term estate rentals is one of the most thriving ventures. You can provide tourists with holiday resorts, beach, villas, apartments and other accommodation options.

The Dubai real estate industry is already booming and will keep growing. Now, it is the best time to invest in Dubai properties while you will be able to get the property at the bargain price.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Multiple new features to improve efficiency and functionality around the property search

DUBAI, UAE - Wednesday, 13th May 2015: Better Homes Real Estate, the region’s leading property agency for over 25 years, has launched an upgraded version of its website to give new and existing landlords, tenants and visitors greater speed and accuracy of information.  The new site is live at and includes multiple key new features such as a simplified search option, a comprehensive open house page, a direct arrange a viewing button, image scroll tool and instant change of search criteria, all of which were created to make the process of looking for a new or selling an existing property more efficient for its customers.

Upgrades to the website were conducted in-house through the company’s Marketing Department over the course of nine months to address client concerns and issues assembled through their Customer Care Department.  While the site has undergone upgrades in the past to continuously ensure best performance, this recent upgrade has been the most complex.

With over 4,000 unique visitors every month, the company’s website is renowned for its innovative approach to showcasing properties and plays a key role in the marketing of client property.  For more information please visit or call +9714 600 52 2233.

About Better Homes Real Estate: Established by Linda Mahoney in 1986, this is a full service property agency employing over 500 staff; while its Corporate Office is based in Dubai the company operates 10 branches across the GCC open 6 days a week supported by a 24 hour Customer Care Department; the Better Homes service offering comprises residential and commercial sales and leasing, property management, short-term rentals and off plan sales.