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Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

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Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Expo 2020 not very far away, developers in Dubai are thinking of creative ways of enticing buyers to purchase UAE properties

With the Expo 2020 not very far away, developers in Dubai are thinking of creative ways of enticing buyers to purchase UAE properties. And how are they doing this?

To begin with, developers are waiving off the 4 percent registration fee to buyers of UAE properties and rolling out monthly payment schemes such as “capital guarantee” and “money back”. In fact, ace Dubai-based developer, Damac Properties, has announced a guaranteed annual return on advance payments during construction of 3 percent per year. The developer has claimed this to be equivalent to twice the interest on fixed deposits in a bid to entice buyers and will offer this interest twice a year until completion of the unit. Rental guarantee schemes are also being offered on Damac villas at Akoya Oygen and Akoya by Damac Towers by Paramount Hotels & Resorts (A, B and D); NAIA Ghalia, Damac Maison Majestine; Merano Tower; Paramount Tower Hotel & Residences; Damac Maison Privé (A and B) and NAIA Vantage.

Another option that has gained recent popularity is the “capital guarantee" which ensures UAE properties’ value for two years after delivery. It also implies that the developer will pay the difference to the investor if the unit price shows decline between the time of delivery and the end of 2019.

Does this signify confidence in and growth of the Dubai real estate sector? We at Better Homes think that such offerings are signs of belief in the sustainability of the Emirate’s property industry and are a good opportunity for those looking for safe investment and high returns in a stable market.

In February this year, Emaar Properties, Dubai’s largest developer, announced that it was waiving off the 4 percent registration fee on Casa villas in the Arabian Ranches development. Even better, this has been offered on ready to move in units. The developer has begun giving customers 12 months to make the full payment with the property agents minus the agency commission of 2 percent, transfer charges of 4 percent and the Oqood land registration charge of 4 percent which will be paid by the developer, Emaar itself.

Another developer, Aqua Properties, is making it easier for people to buy UAE properties, by offering a seven-year monthly payment plan for apartments in Skycourt Towers, Dubailand. Not just that; the developer claims that investors can expect a return on investment of over 10 percent. Seven Tides International, also a developer, has upped its guaranteed return on investment of 10 percent net per annum for three years under its hotel managed rental scheme.

According to recent estimates, UAE properties may continue to see a slight slowdown in activity this year due to lower oil prices. However, the market is anticipated to begin recovery in 2017 as infrastructure work surrounding the Dubai Expo 2020 gets underway. So, overall, while prices and rentals are likely to soften in the short term, they are likely to rise by 2017. The government’s infrastructure spend in the run-up to Expo 2020 is expected to sustain the property market and the population is expected to increase to five million by 2030, and in turn fuel demand for housing.
With the rolling out of such measures, UAE properties are becoming accessible to mid-income and salaried individuals who can now dream of owning a home in freehold locations. By making it theoretically cheaper to pay a mortgage than rent, given the stabilisation in sale prices of UAE properties in addition to sharp increases in rents, there has also been a change in expat outlook towards Dubai in general.

Traditionally considered more of a transit zone for expats, Dubai is presently increasingly being seen as a place for long-term stay. People are beginning to look at the city as home rather than just a transitory destination, are planning on staying longer and hence thinking of investing in a house rather than just renting one for a while. Interestingly, approximately 80 percent of mortgages in Dubai are taken out by end users, in particular, young couples taking the opportunity to invest in their first family home, and representing the majority of new mortgage seekers in the Emirates. This is testament to the fact that more people are not only considering home ownership, but that the shift from people renting to buying is great for stability of the market for UAE properties in the long term.

Experts are suggesting more policy changes and incentives to encourage homeownership, such as a better LTV rate for first-time buyers and reduced DLD fees. We at Better Homes also believe in the importance of maintaining affordability for the average first-time homebuyer, as in the majority of cases, financing tools such as mortgages and easy payment plans are critical to encourage participation in the real estate industry.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Better Homes Property Management is raising the bar in managing Dubai residential property/ies. Our knowledge of the local markets combined with our customised marketing strategies result in maximising rental returns, minimising risks and promoting long-term sustainable tenancy for Dubai residential property owners. Founded in 1992, Better Homes Property Management has met the needs of numerous clients’ Dubai residential property portfolios. Today, we have a dedicated team upwards of 75 people, taking care of properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the United Arab Emirates.

We offer property management solutions for single units, multiple units, entire buildings and developments in Dubai’s residential and commercial segments. Our occupancy rates run at an average of 98.7 percent to our credit. We offer a full and comprehensive range of property management services ranging from accounting to coordination of repairs and maintenance. At Better Homes, we strive to provide professional and proactive property management along with exceptional customer service to owners and tenants.

Market Research and Property Inspection

Our dedicated Property Management team systematically performs a market rental analysis and a thorough inspection of Dubai residential property/ies in order to determine the appropriate rental value. Upon communicating this to the owner, we begin teaming up with them to strategically manage their unit. Additionally, we conduct a detailed pre-handover inspection of your Dubai residential property, identifying all visual defects and faults that need to be rectified by the developer.


Better Homes Property Management effectively markets Dubai residential property/ies so that a reliable tenant can be identified through our professional screening services. Our key online marketing tool is the Better Homes website,, which attracts millions of unique visitors each month and has all the information a prospective tenant needs in order to make an information decision about whether or not to rent a particular property. Every Dubai residential property unit page includes a description of the home, location, size, floor plan and rental fees. Additionally, we engage in the re-marketing and management of vacant Dubai residential property/ies between tenancies.

Tenant Screening

Better Homes Property Management utilises a professional screening service to evaluate a prospective renter’s credit, background check, professional and employment history, rental history and other references. Our complete screening process offers numerous rewards and advantages such as low tenant turnover, sustained occupancy rates, happy tenants and satisfied Dubai residential property owners. 

Rent Collection

Better Homes Property Management promptly collects rents and provides the owner with a check or a direct deposit to the account of their choice. 

Dispute Resolution

We do our best to resolve disputes in a judicious manner. In the event of non-payment by tenant, absconding tenants or other disputes requiring legal attention, we register the landlord’s case with the Dubai Rental Dispute Settlement Centre. Additionally, we arrange for notarized legal notices to be sent to tenants, on behalf of the landlord, in accordance with the governing law.

Move-In/Move-Out Process

At Better Homes Property Management, we do a comprehensive walk-through of Dubai residential property/ies and have a detailed document to assess damages. Further, we conduct periodic inspections to ensure that Dubai residential property/ies are maintained responsibly and are ready to move into. At the end of a tenancy contract and at the beginning of a new one, we provide a detailed check-in/check-out report which has information on our inspection to record the condition of the unit and verify that the handover is complete and/or that deliverables such as keys, access cards and documents are received by the landlord from the tenant. 


Better Homes’ Property Management team address maintenance requirements and if required, contact our wide range of preferred partners to get quotes on behalf of the owner to promptly address any issues arising on Dubai residential property/ies.

Value Added Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, our Property Management team liaise with the developer and Dubai Land Department to obtain your Dubai residential property title deeds. 

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make as a Dubai residential property owner is whether or not to hire the services of a property management company. While you may be able to manage your properties on your own or with the help of an independent person, you may need more help, and that is when a property management expert such as Better Homes will add value to your investment portfolio.

By working with a property management company such as Better Homes, as a Dubai residential property/ies owner, you save time and worry over marketing your properties, rent collection, property preventive maintenance and repair, responding to tenant complaints, tenant screening and sometimes even pursuing evictions.

Additionally, as Property Management experts, we bring our know-how and expertise to your Dubai residential property, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your investment is in safe hands.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

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Dubai is an ideal family vacation spot that is loaded with attractions. On the must-see list, visit the popular Dubai Museum, explore the world’s tallest tower, rub elbows with dolphins at Aqua Venture, get your heart pumping on the thrilling roller coasters or tee off at the fun and challenging golf courses. Enjoy the many outdoor activities such as jet skiing, shop at some of the world’s biggest and best malls and explore sunny beaches with long stretches of sugar-sand shores. Every attraction in Dubai sparkles with the promise of great family fun. With all of its welcoming people and exciting sports and activities, your family will never want to leave Dubai.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Having recently opened up its real estate market to foreign investors who can now own properties in the emirate for up to 100 years, Sharjah real estate is set to witness an unprecedented boom. The Tilal City project, which was welcomed by investors and marked the beginning of a new era in Sharjah real estate has seen immense progress and demand. Launched in November 2014 as a joint venture between Sharjah Asset Management and Eskan Real Estate Development, the flagship Sharjah property project covers an area of 25 million square feet along Emirates Road. It is the first model community of its kind in the city. In addition, it is also the first development available on a 100-year leasehold basis for all nationalities.

Soon, Tilal Properties will also unveil the Tilal Mall project. This development is expected to add to the retail appeal of the emirate and cater to the shopping needs of residents in Tilal City and neighbouring areas.

More importantly, as a burgeoning real estate destination, Sharjah was least hit by the economic downturn of 2008. Demand, supply and prices of Sharjah properties continue to remain stable and affordable, thereby gaining the confidence of investors and representing a safety valve for the UAE real estate market. Moreover, the market is also being well regulated to guarantee the rights of all the parties involved, including developers and investors. For instance, the Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department, recently announced its plans to launch a new service that allows customers to enter the data of initial contracts for real estate deals via smartphones. This will make the data available in the circuit systems and make it easier for dealers to complete the final procedures when they go to the Department.

Aside from Tilal City, Sharjah real estate is set to welcome a series of new real estate projects, including industrial, commercial and residential ones, such as the Sharjah Expo Hotel, which when launched, is expected to become an architectural and iconic masterpiece and a transformative hotel stay experience for business and leisure travellers. Given its strategic location, the hotel will be ideal for corporate executives visiting the various exhibitions held at Expo Centre Sharjah.

Sharjah Holding is another landmark initiative and the result of a strategic partnership between the Government of Sharjah and Majid Al Futtaim Properties. Matajer, a neighbourhood retail concept anchored by a leading supermarket chain and featuring a range of premium retail, food and beverage brands and Al Zahia, an integrated residential community featuring a range of villas, apartments and commercial units have been launched as part of this initiative with ongoing expansion plans slated for the year. Explore the latest Sharjah properties on Click here to get started.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dubai's Best Real Estate Agency

Whether you’re looking for a beachfront villa for a week or an apartment for a year, we at Better Homes, have you covered. Choose which homes you like and when you’d like to see them. Our advanced and easy-to-use search platform displays the best real estate and latest updates continuously – you see everything our agents can see.

Transition seamlessly from searching for Dubai real estate on our platform to collaborating with an agent to narrow your search and visiting open houses.

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Dedicated to empowering you with the right data, tools and knowledge and connecting you with the best professionals in Dubai real estate, we make the process of finding, selling or renting your home or office stress-free and enjoyable.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

One of the key UAE real estate events this year was the passing of the long-awaited legislation to better regulate the Abu Dhabi property market. The new law (Law No. 3 of 2015) is a positive step towards standardising practices in the capital’s real estate environment and in turn, increase real estate/property investment in the emirate and across the UAE. The law also looks to tackle the myriad of concerns raised by investors and developers while drawing on the investment experience and landscape of Dubai. Hence, this regulation is considered an important step forward as a source of legal protection for stakeholders.

A key trend that we think will define this year’s UAE real estate market is tightening liquidity. With oil prices remaining low, we think that a general tightening of liquidity will impact real estate/property investment in 2016. Thus, conventional project financing such as bank lending may become difficult, driving developers to seek alternative funding mechanisms such as joint ventures, refinancing, etc. Functionality is likely to emerge as an important factor for occupiers in search of new office spaces. While overall levels of demand are expected to be lower than last year, buildings that offer efficient working environments and other services such as sufficient parking with access to public transport will remain in demand.

 The hospitality industry is all set to evolve and change as overall demand softens this year. As Dubai’s core luxury UAE real estate market transforms into a more broad based hospitality offering, how to operate and gain profitability in 2016 remains to be seen. Another trend that can be expected to emerge this year is a renewed focus on adding value to existing buildings rather than developing new ones. This change is resulting in an increase in demand for fit-out within retail, office and hospitality projects. Occupiers are re-examining their fit-outs as a more cost effective option than moving to a brand new space. Conversely, there seems to be less demand for iconic or less functional buildings.

Moreover, this year, we expect to see a modest rate of growth as the overall economy adjusts to a sustained period of lower oil prices. While new real estate/property investments are in the pipeline, most of this supply is being phased over many years, not in 2016. As people realise that double-digit quarterly or annual price growth are not here to stay, market sentiment and confidence will increase, leading to more transaction activity and healthy and sustainable price appreciation in the UAE real estate market.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Planning a vacation to Dubai? At Better Homes, we offer you the opportunity to live in a holiday rentals and enjoy a stay that does not feel different from your own home. Our holiday homes span a variety of locations and budgets to ensure that you get a perfect fit.

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The Dubai government has been focusing on holiday rentals in a bid to address Dubai’s dramatic influx of visitors by bringing holiday homes under the same regulatory structure as hotels. By requiring that all properties are licensed, the focus is now on delivering quality accommodations and services for guests.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Dubai still one of the world’s best places to invest in property sector

Despite the slight fall in prices, is Dubai still one of the world’s best places to invest property in? The answer is a resounding yes.

It is no secret that Dubai property sales values and transactions have shown a dip over the past year and a half. The government has since introduced cooling measures to prevent overheating and speculation given the upcoming World Expo 2020 that Dubai is gearing up to host. The Expo is the UAE’s opportunity to engage in the global community and drive innovation.

However, this price softening is no reason to feel worried about an upcoming bubble as it is only a sign of the market auto-correcting itself for the sake of long-term stability. Furthermore, the Dubai property market continues to mature given the government’s strategic regulations such as increased property registration fees and mortgage caps.

This is in fact a great time for those looking to buy Dubai property as attractive bargains are to be enjoyed in some locations. Moreover, with high rentals, this is an apt time to lock in a property that will bring good yields as well. So while the Dubai property market may remain subdued over the course of this year, this phase certainly provides rewarding opportunities for investment in Dubai real estate for the long term.

Dubai property represents solid value when compared with other global real estate markets and is one of the world’s best markets for income-generating assets. We believe that greater control and market regulation will help the Dubai property market mature and keep confidence among the investor community.

With the government stepping in to curb speculation by tightening mortgage regulations and capping price increments, the Dubai property market has learnt from the 2008 downturn and is heading steadily to be more mature and better controlled. Furthermore, the market is performing very well in the rental segment, with rental yields reaching more than 7%. Compare this with cities such as Hong Kong which offers around 2% to 3% and London which offers yields averaging 3% to 4%.

So, while Dubai property sales prices have dipped, the rental market has remained robust given the increase in expat population and number of jobs created by the infrastructure investment planned around the mega Expo 2020. Hence, those with stable incomes and long-term plans of living in the UAE should consider investment in Dubai real estate, as rents can work out to be more expensive in the long run than mortgage payments. Investors should consider buying off-plan properties to take advantage of the recovering market, as Dubai property units are being offered at a 20% to 30% discount.

Lower prices, higher yields: this is the right time to invest in Dubai property.

Monday, February 22, 2016

A country of superlatives, the United Arab Emirates is one of the Middle East’s fastest growing nations. Its futuristic vision has made it possible for the city to conceive of and complete projects ranging from the world's tallest building, an island in the shape of a palm tree and the upcoming, world’s tallest Ferris wheel.

he UAE is also a city of contradictions in a sense. While the country is making strides to preserve its cultural heritage, it is also embracing new age technological advancements. Consequently, working and living in the UAE, particularly its key emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience given its strategic location and dynamic tax-free lifestyle.

Being the most searched cities in the UAE for real estate, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a lot to offer savvy investors and end users. From budget and mid-range to luxury properties, the emirates feature some of the world’s finest trophy homes.

Experts reveal that this year is expected to be one of maturity and solid consolidation for Dubai properties and Abu Dhabi properties.  As for Dubai, it has been a buyer's market for a while now. With prices dipping and developers offering attractive payment plans, the outlook for the market is positive. Furthermore, while prices of Dubai properties have dipped, the rental market has remained strong given the rise in expat population and number of jobs with all the infrastructure investments planned around the mega Expo 2020 event. So, while it is true that the market is experiencing a slowdown and a further dip in prices may be inevitable, it’s important to note that it is a phase of healthy correction. Further, given Dubai’s ongoing investment in infrastructure, 2016 is a stable year for Dubai properties.

As for Abu Dhabi properties, numerous projects such as Mamsha on Saadiyat Island, Ansam, Mayan and West Yas on Yas Island and Al Hadeel on Raha Beach are expected to come online next year. The emirate offers a diverse unit mix with most developments less than five years old and are popular with tenants.

The real estate market in the UAE continues to mature as we see increased protections to investors with the introduction of RERA regulations giving it a layer of solid credibility and stability. Moreover, the country’s population is growing, further raising the demand for homes in the market.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Abu Dhabi real estate market saw some good and not so good times last year. While sales prices in the Abu Dhabi residential and Abu Dhabi commercial segments have pretty much remained flat since the end of 2014, the Abu Dhabi renting sector saw a rise of close to 7 percent in some areas in 2015, according to market reports.
So, how will sales and leasing markets in Abu Dhabi perform this year? Let’s take a look.
As for new units coming on to the Abu Dhabi market, there doesn’t seem to be much to expect this year in terms of prime, affordable housing initiatives. While numerous projects such as Mamsha on Saadiyat Island, Ansam, Mayan and West Yas on Yas Island and Al Hadeel on Raha Beach are being planned, these are not expected to come online until next year. In fact, third-quarter 2015 reports state that only 2 to 3 percent will be added to the total housing stock every year over the next two to three years in the capital.
On the other hand, leasing demand in the Abu Dhabi residential market has remained strong, with rents witnessing a spike of 5 to 7 percent last year. Recent data reveals that rents are expected to witness an increase of 4 to 5 percent this year. Factors that have contributed to this rise may have been low supply together with an increasing population, as according to the Statistics Centre in Abu Dhabi, the average annual population growth rate over the last eight years has been over 7 percent. The outlook for the economy also seems positive with the IMF’s latest reports suggesting that the UAE economy is anticipated to grow by 3 percent this year.
A long awaited property regulation has been brought into effect and could aggravate the undersupply. The new law focuses on developers and investors, and has been initiated to enhance transparency in the market and thereby make it more attractive for investors. As per the ruling, developers have to meet new requirements for licensing and act swiftly to adhere to deadlines imposed by the law if they are to avoid penalties. The regulation may make developers cautious and make development less likely to occur, especially in prime areas. Furthermore, a rental index based on indicators such as location and number of bedrooms similar to RERA’s Rental Index may be in the works; however, there has been no indication as to when it will be announced or implemented so far.
A question that’s on everybody’s mind is how oil prices will affect the Abu Dhabi commercial and Abu Dhabi residential real estate markets. The oil price decline has led to a reduction in government spending with regard to future projects, softening investors sentiments due to lack of supply. While continued increases in leasing prices should lead to rises in sale transactions, this doesn’t seem to be organically developing. However, we think that continued rent rises may lead to investors and end users jumping in to take advantage of high yields and control rents. Moreover, as the population rises, rents will rise and returns will keep looking good. This will in turn have buyers coming back to the market to cash in on savings.
However, if the Abu Dhabi government spending takes a cut and companies lay off employees, then the population is likely to stagnate, giving way to bloated housing inventories which may in turn cause sale and rent prices to fall. So it seems like market stability will be dependent on the government continuing to invest in major new infrastructure and economic development projects.
Hence, how the market will perform will depend on a myriad of factors. We’ll have to wait and watch.