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Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

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Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Abu Dhabi real estate market saw some good and not so good times last year. While sales prices in the Abu Dhabi residential and Abu Dhabi commercial segments have pretty much remained flat since the end of 2014, the Abu Dhabi renting sector saw a rise of close to 7 percent in some areas in 2015, according to market reports.
So, how will sales and leasing markets in Abu Dhabi perform this year? Let’s take a look.
As for new units coming on to the Abu Dhabi market, there doesn’t seem to be much to expect this year in terms of prime, affordable housing initiatives. While numerous projects such as Mamsha on Saadiyat Island, Ansam, Mayan and West Yas on Yas Island and Al Hadeel on Raha Beach are being planned, these are not expected to come online until next year. In fact, third-quarter 2015 reports state that only 2 to 3 percent will be added to the total housing stock every year over the next two to three years in the capital.
On the other hand, leasing demand in the Abu Dhabi residential market has remained strong, with rents witnessing a spike of 5 to 7 percent last year. Recent data reveals that rents are expected to witness an increase of 4 to 5 percent this year. Factors that have contributed to this rise may have been low supply together with an increasing population, as according to the Statistics Centre in Abu Dhabi, the average annual population growth rate over the last eight years has been over 7 percent. The outlook for the economy also seems positive with the IMF’s latest reports suggesting that the UAE economy is anticipated to grow by 3 percent this year.
A long awaited property regulation has been brought into effect and could aggravate the undersupply. The new law focuses on developers and investors, and has been initiated to enhance transparency in the market and thereby make it more attractive for investors. As per the ruling, developers have to meet new requirements for licensing and act swiftly to adhere to deadlines imposed by the law if they are to avoid penalties. The regulation may make developers cautious and make development less likely to occur, especially in prime areas. Furthermore, a rental index based on indicators such as location and number of bedrooms similar to RERA’s Rental Index may be in the works; however, there has been no indication as to when it will be announced or implemented so far.
A question that’s on everybody’s mind is how oil prices will affect the Abu Dhabi commercial and Abu Dhabi residential real estate markets. The oil price decline has led to a reduction in government spending with regard to future projects, softening investors sentiments due to lack of supply. While continued increases in leasing prices should lead to rises in sale transactions, this doesn’t seem to be organically developing. However, we think that continued rent rises may lead to investors and end users jumping in to take advantage of high yields and control rents. Moreover, as the population rises, rents will rise and returns will keep looking good. This will in turn have buyers coming back to the market to cash in on savings.
However, if the Abu Dhabi government spending takes a cut and companies lay off employees, then the population is likely to stagnate, giving way to bloated housing inventories which may in turn cause sale and rent prices to fall. So it seems like market stability will be dependent on the government continuing to invest in major new infrastructure and economic development projects.
Hence, how the market will perform will depend on a myriad of factors. We’ll have to wait and watch. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A guide to buying an apartment in Dubai, UAE

Looking to buy apartment in Dubai? Purchasing property is usually a great way of getting more for your buck – but it can be a minefield for the inexperienced.

Here are top things to remember before signing on the dotted line.

1. How much can you afford? Never buy anything that you ultimately cannot afford.

2. Why are you buying? Buying an off-plan property to move into yourself is a very different scenario to buying it as an investment for resale or to let. The reason behind your purchase will determine the type and the location of the property you should buy.

3. Know the developer and evaluate the project. Do your due diligence on the developer behind the project. What have they built to date? Is the developer licensed by RERA? Were there any issues with previous projects? What’s their reputation like? Will they hand over the completed property in time? How does the project compare with similar projects in the same community?

4. Is any bank willing to back the off-plan project? Understand the financing options offered by their preferred banks. Irrespective of whether the purchaser is a UAE national or non UAE national, UAE Central Bank allows banks to only provide 50 percent of financing for all off-plan properties. This is regardless of how many other properties buyers own and whether or not they intend to occupy the off-plan apartment.

5. Know your rights: Ask for the land title deed, escrow account number, DLD approvals and agreement with the contractor. There’s strong investor protection in place now, with RERA snuffing out risky speculation by introducing measures such as the developer having to pay 100 percent for the land and make a down payment of 20 percent as bank guarantee, deposit 20 percent in escrow account or complete 20 percent construction before selling off-plan.

6. Reselling an off-plan property is harder now than it was before 2008: Most developers will permit resale only once the original buyer has paid off at least 40 percent of the property’s price. Emaar, for instance, restrict the resale of their off-plan units until handover. There are others that do not operate under such constraints, so depending on whether you’re looking to sell before completion or not, you should choose your developer accordingly.

Moreover, purchasing an apartment in Dubai isn’t cheap. However, do you know the real cost? When you factor in the added costs, you may end up spending 10 percent more than the agreed purchase price. If you’re selling a property, you’re likely to be hit with extra costs too.

The extra costs

So where do the extra fees come from? These include a registration fee of AED 2,000 on properties below AED 500,000 and AED 4,000 on properties over AED 500,000.

Furthermore, the agency fee is 2 percent of the property price; conveyancing fees cost up to AED 10,000 and valuation fees up to AED 3,500. There are also lenders’ fees to consider and a developer’s fee which may amount to 5 percent or more of the property price.

Mortgage fees vary depending on whether you decide to take out a regular loan or Islamic finance. You may need to pay legal fees too, that’s if you decide to consult a lawyer regarding the transaction. However, this is a personal preference and not a requirement.

In October 2014, the Dubai Land Department increased its transfer fee to 4 per cent whereas it’s between 1 to 2 per cent in Abu Dhabi. What about fees after purchase? Well, you’ll need to pay AED 11 per square foot every year if you’re residing in an apartment for the developer’s annual service fee as well as maintenance charges.

The Down Payment

You’ll need to make a deposit of approximately 25 percent on your purchase price and if you take out a mortgage, you’ll need to consider interest fees.

Service Cost (AED)
Dubai Land Department transfer fee 4% plus AED 540 administrative fee
Abu Dhabi transfer fee 1% to 2%
Registration fees AED 2,000 for property below AED 500,000
AED 4,000 for property above AED 500,000
Mortgage registration fee 0.25% of loan + AED 10 fee
Mortgage processing fee Up to 1% of loan amount
Estate agency fee 2% of purchase fee
Service Cost (AED)
Conveyancing fees AED 6,000 to AED 10,000
Valuation fee AED 2,500 to AED 3,500
Oqood fee, for off-plan properties 4% of purchase price
Down payment 25% of property cost *

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

tips on saving cost while living in Dubai

Decluttering your finances can be hard, but absolutely essential if you’re to give yourself a path to financial freedom. Here are tips on saving in Dubai.

Make a list: Draw up a list of all your creditors and your debt amount so that you don’t underestimate how much you owe.

Budget, budget, budget!  Ensure that a percentage of your paycheck is automatically deposited into your savings account on payday. Planning a weekly or monthly budget will help you live within your means and keep your spending in order. Take into consideration essentials such as household expenses and travel and set aside a small amount for emergencies. Put any amount left over toward your debts.

Cut back: Do you really need the latte from Starbucks every morning? Make a grocery list and stick to it whilst shopping. Scoop up after-dinner leftovers and brown bag lunch to work. It’s far cheaper than eating a take-out meal or going out with colleagues.

Downsize: Selling your car or moving into a smaller home will free up extra money and help you pay off your debts quicker. You may also want to look at moving to a cheaper part of town, as long as it doesn’t increase your commuting costs. 

Throw away the plastic: Keep one credit card for emergencies and cut the others. It’s very easy to spend on credit, so taking away these cards will stop you from running up new debt.

Plan events in advance: Booking expensive treats like holidays and concerts can cause overspending. Try to book these in advance so you know exactly how much you’ve spent and how you can work them into your budget.

Make money: Can you ask for a pay rise or think of ways to make some extra money? Find out what skills or new job opportunities could lead you to a higher salary. Consider renting out a room, selling old furniture or getting a second job.

Consolidate loans: Combining your loans with other debts, such as a credit card, can lower the interest rate and the amount of interest you’re paying.

Pay off your smallest debt first: Paying off your smallest debt and paying the minimum repayment on your other debts can give you the motivation you need to keep going. Once you’ve paid off one debt, you’ll be more inspired!

Hone in on a major goal you may have: Be it saving for a down payment on your dream home or paying off your student loan, visualise what you want by creating a board of photos of you’re the pad you want to buy or the vacation you want to take. Use these images as prompts when you are tempted to overindulge. Keep your eye on the prize. Better Homes offers some of the latest properties in the market, so make sure you check our site for a wide selection of Better Homes properties.

While it’s important to live in the moment and enjoy life, without checks and balances in place, you’ll find yourself saying yes to everything and missing out things that really matter.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ring in 2016 with a spark!

New Year's Eve fireworks in Dubai have always been a huge favourite amongst residents. Fireworks shows at Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Residence (home to one of Better Homes Dubai key offices) are set to dazzle Dubai's skies this year as well. Do keep in mind that Dubai metro and other forms of public transport will be fully packed so watch out if you’re traveling with kids.

The Burj Khalifa fireworks this year is expected to be designed around a theme of a futuristic Dubai and the 2020 vision, highlighting the country’s achievements in 2015. The fireworks show will be followed by a brilliant audio-visual display with LED lights. If you cannot make it, worry not. No matter where you are this New Year's Eve, you can catch live streaming of the event on television and online.

We at Better Homes have put together a list of top spots to catch the world's finest, largest and most spectacular fireworks at the stroke of midnight.

1.      Downtown Dubai
Shop, sip and swirl by night here, for Downtown is a 24/7 destination. A nabe that never sleeps and never lets up, Downtown is a great spot to take in spectacular views of the fireworks. There are vantage points peppered across the community to watch the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, light up in a majestic spark fest. Head to any of the cafés here or book yourself a table at one of the many restaurants to watch the night sky light up. You can also watch the celebrations from allocated viewing locations in Burj Park and Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. We recommend that you arrive before 6pm though.

2.      Dubai Mall
Catch the exciting events at Dubai Fountain before the fireworks. The Dubai Mall parking is expected to close early so make sure to reach early to grab the best spot. 

3.      Atlantis Palm Jumeirah
Atlantis is also expected to host dazzling fireworks this year. Great viewing spots would include spots outside of Palm Jumeirah such as Dubai Media City, Kite Beach, Jumeirah Street or any of the bars such as Zero Gravity and restaurants and lounges located on top floors in Dubai Marina.

4.      Kite Beach and Jumeirah Beach
Pack in a picnic, grab a blanket, have a barbeque, wait until 12am and get set with your friends and family to experience a night to remember. Aside from the Burj Al Arab Beach and Kite Beach, Zabeel Park and Dubai Creek Park are also good bets to enjoy the dazzling array of fireworks.

5.      Al Khail Road
Park anywhere at Al Khail Road to catch a glimpse of the magical fireworks and ring in the New Year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

You've been eyeing a gorgeous property for a while now. However, there’s just one minor hurdle you need to cross: finding a reliable and trustworthy real estate agency in Dubai who won’t take you for a ride. As a savvy property hunter, you should be able to identify genuine real estate agents who understand your needs and go the extra mile to make sure the buying process is a smooth one. A good real estate agent can help you find or sell a property quickly as they have knowledge of and quicker access to properties coming onto the market. Real estate professionals at Better Homes show you the latest homes on the market. Alternatively, if you are looking to sell, they will tell others about your property and therefore, also be on the lookout for you.

Moreover, no one knows real estate better than a qualified real estate agency in Dubai. Not only are they aware of market trends, they also understand how to set price points and will identify the best avenues for advertising your property.

Here are questions to ask a real estate agent before deciding to work with him/her.

1. Are you a registered professional?

Ensure that the agent at the real estate agency in Dubai is registered with the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). The list of registered brokers is available at RERA’s website. All agents at Better Homes Dubai are RERA certified, so you are sure that you will be working with the best in the business.

2. How many years of experience do you possess?

You have to make sure that the agent has a credible work history. Importantly, the agent should have experience closing homes in the city and neighbourhood that you are looking to buy or sell property in. Better Homes’ agents are area specialists and come with complete knowledge on specific neighbourhoods.

3. What is your knowledge of the industry?

Double check his/her responses by asking experts that you may know. They should also possess a proven track record of successfully closing transactions in your desired community and be knowledgeable on factors such as local amenities, government regulations and market trends as such information will impact the final sale.

4. What percentage of your clients are buyers?

Most real estate agents also work with sellers for a hefty commission, so it’s important to know that that the agent you will be working with has your best interests in mind.

5. Would you have references?

Ask the agent to present written references from past clients and give you a link to their online profile where you can read up on customer testimonials.

Most importantly, you need to find a knowledgeable agent that you can also rely on. Did he/she patiently listen to your concerns and try to provide a suitable solution?

If the answer to all the questions above is yes, then you have found the right real estate agency in Dubai!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Should you sign a Dubai short term rental lease? A short-term lease typically refers to a contract that is less than six months. What are the pros and cons of Dubai short term rental leases? Take a look.

Pros for the renter
1. Flexibility: Some renters prefer shorter-term leases for the flexibility they provide, whether that be moving for work, travel or just a slicker apartment across the street. For instance, if you’re looking for work, a Dubai short term rental will allow you to look for a job that may fall outside your usual “commuting” zone. Or, if you need to move for a temporary assignment to another city, a Dubai short term rental will offer you added mobility. Plus, if you’ve just moved to a new city and are looking to take the time to zone in on the best area for you to settle down in, a Dubai short term rental would give you the chance to get a hang of the city while living in it......View Full Source

Monday, November 23, 2015

Holiday homes in Dubai for short term rental are inexpensive and comfortable alternatives to standard hotel suites. Why trade small hotel rooms with beautiful and private Dubai holiday homes for rentals? Get the space, amenities and comfort that are hard to find in traditional hotel experiences. No matter what kind of a Dubai holiday you wish to enjoy, you will discover many advantages in renting holiday homes in Dubai for short term rental. This is the ideal solution for those who need a place to stay for a few days or a few weeks. Whether the purpose is business or pleasure, we offer Dubai holiday homes for rentals of all sizes at prices that are very competitive.

Our furnished self-catering holiday homes are located throughout the city and offer the quintessential Dubai experience. They also feature fully equipped kitchens, high-speed Internet and every day necessities such as a dryer and an iron. Whether you are looking for that perfect nature escape, a seaside apartment, a villa with a garden or a modern city pad, you will find the ideal Dubai holiday homes for rentals to suit your needs. Choose from villas with private pools, equipped kitchens, generous living areas, private parking spaces or apartments with kitchens and ensuite bedrooms. Search for a wide range of accommodation types and Dubai holiday homes for rentals on our site located in the most desirable and sought-after neighbourhoods in the city including Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai and Bur Dubai.

Dubai is ideal for almost all kinds of holidays. If you want a beach holiday, then check out our beach-facing holiday homes in Dubai for short term rental. If you prefer more of a city holiday, then choose from our large selection of Dubai holiday homes for rentals in the heart of the city. If you want to enjoy nature up close, then our holiday villas in quaint neighbourhoods are a perfect bet.

At Better Homes, our mission is to make great holiday homes in Dubai for short term rental available to everyone through our online marketplace. Relax and make a meal at home, instead of dining out all the time. With thousands of live vacation rental listings, we are committed to helping people find perfect Dubai holiday homes for rentals and create unforgettable travel experiences. Our team of professional short-term rental specialists come with years of experience in the industry and will help you choose the best accommodation option for you.

Your stay, your way. With more space, more privacy and no compromises. Begin your search here.

Monday, November 16, 2015

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Discover our Villas for rent in Arabian ranches Dubai. Filter by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, price and villa type to refine your search when you look to rent a villa in Arabian Ranches. You can also view the list of Arabian Ranches villas for rent using our Map Search and Advanced Search facilities.

Found Villas for rent in Arabian ranches Dubai that you are interested in? Book a viewing directly from our site or contact our agents. Our Arabian Ranches specialists will show you some of the finest properties, guide you through the entire rent process and provide additional information on any of the residences you wish to view.

An ideal getaway from the hustle of city life, Arabian Ranches is a beautifully planned villa community centrally located on the roads leading to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The neighbourhood offers luxurious villas for rent in Arabian ranches Dubai and townhouses ranging from two to six bedrooms. Arabian Ranches is split up into twelve communities each possessing its own unique style. These include Alma, Al Mahra, Alvorado, Palmera, Mirador, Hattan, Al Reem, La Avenida, Mirador, Savannah, Saheel and Terra Nova.

A blend of Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese architectural styles, the residences feature generous living areas, gardens and panoramic views of the golf course. Anyone looking to rent a villa in Arabian Ranches will also benefit from the fact that the community is easily accessible to key points such as the airport, which is only 15 minutes away. Offering a tranquil and serene vibe, facilities at the nabe include the Arabian Ranches Golf Club, an 18-hole desert style grass course designed by the renowned Ian Baker-Finch. The course has a Spanish colonial style clubhouse which houses the popular Birdie’s Sports Bar and a terrace that overlooks the golf course. Within the club house are guest rooms that also overlook the lake and the golf course. Then there’s the Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club which includes two international polo fields and hosts several national and international Polo events. The club also has world-class riding, show, jumping and dressage arenas, 326 stables, an international standard exercise track for the horses, a gym, pool, bar, lounge and restaurant.

Residents also have access to a shopping centre which offers an array of retail, dining and entertainment options including cafés, restaurants, a salon, laundry and pharmacy. Kids and families can also enjoy and avail other community facilities such as tennis courts, basketball courts, walking and running trails and swimming pools.

All in all, villas for rent in Arabian ranches Dubai offer you the opportunity to lie in an upscale and one of the best-established family neighbourhoods. Rent a villa in Arabian Ranches and enjoy luxury housing, peaceful surroundings and excellent community facilities.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Villas for rent in Dubai offer complete lifestyle amenities for families. Dubai villa is an apt choice for families searching for residence in Dubai.

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