Dubai Commercial Real Estate Face

Rising demand for all kind of commercial assets is that Dubai commercial real estate has been showing continuously while revealing numerous opportunities for investors.

Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Key Commercial Real Estate Markets in Dubai

Explore and choose the best investment opportunity in Dubai commercial real estate market.

Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dubai is one of the most sought out tourist locations today, and isn’t just a haven for them. Yearly, numerous people visit the Emirate with the intention of settling down, and with 2020 on the horizon it doesn’t look like the numbers will fall any sooner either. The Dubai real estate industry is already booming and will keep growing making it the best time to invest in Dubai properties at the bargain price. Moreover, visitors here find short-term renting is more feasible in terms of budget as they can conveniently complete whatever business they arrived for, then pack up once they’re done and ready.

Choosing a real estate agency

Getting the most out of an effective property management service depends on the real estate agency you choose to go with. In the case of tourists, a good estate agency will provide them with holiday resorts, beach, villas, apartments and other accommodation options. Most recently, certain Dubai real estate projects that have gained worldwide popularity over the years, namely, the projects involving: The Palm Deira, The Palm Jebel Ali and, The Palm Jumeirah.

With more than 25 years dealing with Dubai real estate, Better Homes is known for their comprehensive services. A person looking for new Dubai properties or interested in selling an existing property will find it relatively easier. Those looking to dive into new opportunities in terms of real estate in the market, the Better Homes property management service takes care of Dubai properties, Abu Dhabi and beyond, giving peace of mind to landlords and tenants. 

The inner workings

Better Homes offers management options for Dubai real estate on single and multiple units, as well as entire buildings and developments in both the residential and commercial sectors. With an average occupancy rate of 96.8 per cent, they have a reliable market reputation of putting landlords and tenants first. 

The estate agency knows and understands that no two Dubai properties are alike and that the same goes for their clientele who usually have varied tastes and requirements. Supervisors and agents even take personal responsibility for properties, ensuring consistency of service.

Analyze your options

Whether you want to buy or rent out a living space to accommodate your family, analyzing your lifestyle needs, family size and income is all you would need to do before checking out Better Homes Real Estate comprehensive property management service.

Their leasing agents and marketing team handle the managed Dubai properties and offer visibility on multiple forms of broadcast media and through their website. While handling Dubai real estate, there’s also screening of potential new tenants, collecting rent, carrying out maintenance and organizing contract renewals, allowing landlords to enjoy the benefit of their investment rather than the hassle are all part and parcel with the service. Thus, tenants can equally enjoy professionally managed and maintained properties with quality service.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dubai property rental can be slightly difficult for a new resident to the city. The prospect of finding a reasonable place to rent property in Dubai, one that fits rental budgets and location requirements is a challenging task, anywhere in the world. In this city especially, finding Dubai Property for rental can be daunting.

The city’s population has increased two fold and is expected to nearly double. In contrast to the overflow of people coming to reside in the city, the Dubai property rental market is presently undersupplied. The numbers of villas and apartments available to rent property in Dubai have not been able to meet the market’s demand, sending rents skyrocketing........View Full Source

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dubai is the second largest land territory among all seven UAE emirates which is world famous for several reasons like state of the art infrastructure facilities, entertainment and business opportunities and complete lifestyle offerings that include a wide select of accommodation options, retail and shopping activities. In short, this Middle Eastern city has successfully become a dream destination for everyone looking to find a perfect second home to settle down with their families after retirement. Moreover, negligible crime rate, strong economy and zero taxes also allure job seekers and investors and drag them to relocate Dubai to avail all the profits and benefits they can enjoy. Having considered such benefits and luxury life style facilities, a huge number of people started relocating to this city with future aims to improve their standard of living.

Villa or Apartment-which is more suitable housing for standard families
Whether being local or an expat worker or a foreign businessman, accommodation is the basic need for all. Asset market possesses multiple kinds of residential units to cater the diverse housing needs of singles and standard families. Among them all villas are considered to be the most suitable lodging option for standard families. You can find the finest collection of villa communities located across the city on prime locations like Palm Island, Jumeirah Island, Arabian Ranches, Emirates Hills and Meadows.

Although, living in an apartment is exciting for many families as they may enjoy the company of neighbours and several lifestyle amenities like gym and pool under the same roof. But when it comes to find a peaceful accommodation unit away from the hustle and bustle of city life offering more living space and open area, villas rank on first position. Moreover, you will enjoy the freedom to decorate your single or multistory house according to your preference.

Choose to rent if buying doesn’t make sense for you
However, you have been living and working in the city for several years and find it suitable to accommodate with your family. Perhaps, your family disagrees to migrate permanently; but they are ready to observe the lifestyle before taking final decision. Then renting will be more suitable option for you. After considering your lifestyle need and family size you can search and find Dubai villas forrent. Estimate the budget you can spend on accommodation and choose to rent a suitable unit to provide comfortable housing to your family. Leasing is also suitable for those who can’t afford buying these family homes.

When should you prefer to buy over leasing?
Whether you should prefer buying a standard family accommodation or not, all depends on the circumstances you are living in. Most of the expats prefer to live in apartment as they find them very capable to answer complete lifestyle needs for their whole family. Later they may decide to shift in a single family home to execute the expanding needs of growing family. Perhaps they need more privacy and green lawn at the front of their house for family get together which is not possible while living in an apartment. In such conditions you can find to buy a perfect villa for sale in Dubai in any suitable community. When you start your search to buy a family home you will find state developers have purposefully constructed several gated residential communities dotted across the city to execute diverse housing needs of small and large families.

Whether, you want buy or rent a living space to accommodate your family, you will not short with the options. In order to make the right decision, what you need to do is to analyze your lifestyle needs, family size and income.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The best way to obtain some considerable profit and make money is by investing in the real estate, especially in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is offering the most lucrative real estate investment opportunities in the present times. Its advancement in the economic sector makes Dubai as the best option for foreign property investment. Most of the property investors from worldwide would consider in the same manner. It surely makes Dubai real estate completely invaluable.

What you need to do here is to look out for the demand of the entire real estate market in Dubai. Even though the market is slowing down due to the global economic conditions, you can still anticipate Dubai properties offering you some great prospects. Why is it so? Consider the following:

Dubai Free Hold Properties
You can buy real estate in Dubai will complete rights of the private property ownership. It comprises of complete title of the land and property. The foreign nationals can enjoy a 100% freehold ownership of few properties in Dubai.

Development In Dubai
Dubai can offer you with great working prospects. People have been relocating to Dubai, as they find great working opportunities in the area. Thus, they really need a place to stay or live in such as villas, houses, apartments, hotels and other residential real estate.

Architectures Dubai
You can find some of the craziest and tremendous architectures in Dubai. Burj Dubai happens to be the tallest skyscraper building located in Dubai presently. The best thing about it is that a man-made lake surrounds Burj Dubai and it has been able to attract people from all around the globe, and as a result they visit Dubai to see the amazing architectures.

Dubai Properties and Real Estate
Some of the most renowned real estate projects in the world are from Dubai that have been able to obtain International standing. There are 3 man-made islands namely The Palm Deira, The Palm Jebel Ali, The Palm Jumeirah. These projects have been able to attract people from worldwide.

Dubai Tourism
As Dubai happens to be one of the most favorite tourist hotspot, and short-term estate rentals is one of the most thriving ventures. You can provide tourists with holiday resorts, beach, villas, apartments and other accommodation options.

The Dubai real estate industry is already booming and will keep growing. Now, it is the best time to invest in Dubai properties while you will be able to get the property at the bargain price.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Multiple new features to improve efficiency and functionality around the property search

DUBAI, UAE - Wednesday, 13th May 2015: Better Homes Real Estate, the region’s leading property agency for over 25 years, has launched an upgraded version of its website to give new and existing landlords, tenants and visitors greater speed and accuracy of information.  The new site is live at and includes multiple key new features such as a simplified search option, a comprehensive open house page, a direct arrange a viewing button, image scroll tool and instant change of search criteria, all of which were created to make the process of looking for a new or selling an existing property more efficient for its customers.

Upgrades to the website were conducted in-house through the company’s Marketing Department over the course of nine months to address client concerns and issues assembled through their Customer Care Department.  While the site has undergone upgrades in the past to continuously ensure best performance, this recent upgrade has been the most complex.

With over 4,000 unique visitors every month, the company’s website is renowned for its innovative approach to showcasing properties and plays a key role in the marketing of client property.  For more information please visit or call +9714 600 52 2233.

About Better Homes Real Estate: Established by Linda Mahoney in 1986, this is a full service property agency employing over 500 staff; while its Corporate Office is based in Dubai the company operates 10 branches across the GCC open 6 days a week supported by a 24 hour Customer Care Department; the Better Homes service offering comprises residential and commercial sales and leasing, property management, short-term rentals and off plan sales.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Arabian Ranches is an exclusive freehold villa community, which has been built close to the Spring Community and along Emirates Road leading towards Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The community is ideally suitable for expats with families. This community guide will provide a brief introduction about communities of this neighbourhood.

Villa communities of this neighbourhood are divided into four types according to their construction and architectural design.
  • Contemporary
  • Spanish and Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Moroccan

Communities with contemporary design

contemporary designs
The community is made up of contemporary single-family detached villas of one and two stories with three to five bedrooms. Constructed on huge plots, the residential units offer beautiful views of the golf course and parks. Ceramic tiles and decorative colour pallets are used throughout the development, whereas the kitchens are fitted with stylish cabinetry and bedrooms with built-in-wardrobes. Every unit has a covered carport and a laundry space.

This is another contemporary design community that offers high-end lifestyle in single family detached villas. The project also includes equestrian and polo grounds, parks, lakes, a health spa and a world-class golf course. Residential units are available in three different finishes contemporary, classic and standard finish. All units have been decorated with decorative colour pallets and ceramic tiles. Other important features are the maid’s room, laundry space and fireplace. Kitchens and bedrooms are fitted with cabinetry, granite countertops and built-in wardrobes respectively.

Terra Nova
The community is set on the Desert Golf Course with residential units built around Santa Fe-styled villas. Rich colors with contemporary and traditional adobe style architectural layout make these houses unique among all. The project offers two stories single family detached villas with tiled kitchens and bathrooms. Large balconies, maid room and laundry area are also main features of every residential unit in the project.......Read More

Sunday, May 10, 2015

With the overall cost of living on the rise, the majority of income earners find the cash purchase of a villa or an apartment a challenge and an even bigger ask for potential homeowners in the lower income bracket.  The most common solution is financing a home just as many financed a car through monthly payments.

With many mortgage interest or banking fees on the high side some cash buyers prefer the payment mode by choice thereby saving on associated lending fees, all of which is leading to the process, purchasing a home with cash, being more common in Dubai particularly with properties purchased for the longer term. 

However, there is a new survey out on the market that states 54% of Emiratis pay by cash or by cheque in the purchase of a new apartment or villa while the percentage of expatriates who choose this route is much lower because, in these cases, access to the full cash amount is not feasible.  Percentages include 27% for Westerners, 37% for Arabs and 39% for Asians who choose the cash or cheque payment mode.

All in all indicators point towards investors demonstrating confidence in the Dubai property sales market with YouGov stating that 3/4s of property buyers are purchasing for their first time, based on a study conducted by the organisation.  And many BetterHomes’ sales agents have experienced a high number of foreign buyers making their first UAE property purchases using the finance route.  The survey also stated that the general trend was for investors in UAE property to be mature buyers (over 50 years old for 8 in 10 of them) and for location to be considered an important decision maker with a greater preference for locations near a beach, a public park, a mosque or a shopping area (stated by 51% of the 308 participants).

Most financial planners will advise that the investor route is only advisable assuming the buyer has ample funds available for emergencies rather than investing all savings on the property purchase; and that it may be wise to consider spending some of the available funds on alternative investments that offer higher returns. 

One financial planner at deVere Acuma said, “There are financial benefits to gain from using leverage to finance the purchase of a property.  A serious investor will know that greater returns are available from leveraging and also owning multiple rented properties helps with diversification. If one unit is empty, the income from the others helps offset the finance cost. If we used London between 2003 and 2013 as an example, the annualised profit from a leveraged property is almost three times that of a property purchased in cash (11 per cent per annum versus 4.1 per cent). There can be tax benefits particularly for expats to leverage including financial planning opportunities to mitigate Inheritance Tax; not so much an issue for an Emirati unless they wish to have a greater choice in succession planning.”

With an improvement in construction quality from developers and more flexibility of payment plans for potential investors, demand for Dubai property investment continues to remain stable.  In addition, government property regulations additionally boost market confidence, particularly the removal of the 5% cap on rental increases which has raised income and ROI making investing a solid alternative to renting.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Availability of surplus choices has made the real estate market more inevitable for conventional buyers and investors alike. Dubai property market possesses a huge supply of diverse asset types including a wide select of residential and commercial units, which are an available sale. Major types of assets available for sale include apartment, villa, resort, hotel, warehouse, and office and retail space. Besides offering plenty of options, State Government also implemented a legislation in the year 2002 which is called Freehold Property law to facilitate foreign buyers as well. Hence, foreigners are allowed to buy properties in designated areas across the city; overseas buyers started searching for suitable Dubai properties for sale.

You are not short of options 

Huge supply of fresh units and high profile developments is not only the single reason that helped to achieve the status of investment hot spot in the region of Middle East. Rather certain other factors are also involved. Like warm winters, low crime rate, zero taxes on income and profits are also dragging prospective buyers. In addition to that adequate regulatory system gives complete peace of mind to everyone looking to buy an asset in Dubai.

Buy to avail the finest options

Strategic investment of Petrodollars and collective efforts of investors and developers have enabled this city to compete with well-developed hub cities in the west like London or New York. This emirate has become the home for breathtaking residential and commercial towers and world’s finest resorts and villas. Moreover, white sandy beaches, year round sunshine and hospitality of Arabs make this city an ideal option for second home seekers. As more people are relocating to find their second home they eventually buy a classic apartment or villa for their accommodation.

It will be a great feeling to find home in ideal location

On the other hand, it ideal location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe make it easily accessible from all major continents across the world with maximum flight distance of 8 hours. After considering this ease to travel, businessmen and corporate firms started relocating their head offices and franchises in Dubai as they find it easy to interact with their international clients while owing a work setup in the city.

Find a perfect second home and enjoy lifestyle

Last but not the least, the cosmopolitan culture and nightlife of this city also played a great role to drag foreign property buyers across the world. As they find this city a very suitable place to retire and spend rest of their life in their own house in a foreign country. Negligible crime rate, good margin to earn profits and tax free shopping allures everyone.

These are the few reasons that played a major to grow the demand for all kind of properties for sale in Dubai. Whether being investor, job seeker, second home seeker visiting this bustling city of UAE might wish to own their home or office unit in the city.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Being spotted among finest places to settle down on earth, Dubai is known to offer a plethora of choices to cater lifestyle needs of its residents. From housing, career and education to entertainment and dining facilities, there is no shortage of opportunities. Luxury lifestyle offerings have enabled this city to drag people attention across the world which resulted in unusual population mix of 80% expats and 20% local Emirati residents.

The true melting pot of diverse cultures is capable to proffer diverse comfortable accommodation options which are available for rent and sale. Irrespective of being foreign national, local UAE national or GCC residents, you can choose to buy residential property in Dubai. Despite there is a huge select of lodging units are available for sale, villas in Dubai becomes most preferred choice among buyers who need more space, privacy and comfort to accommodate their families. Below I am sharing a simple checklist which may help those who are looking to buy a villa unit for family accommodation.

Location-the key factor

A location is the prime factor every buyer has to consider. While deciding a location, it is suggested to consider the proximity with public transport like Metro or a tram station. Next you should check amenities available within the community. A family friendly development perhaps possesses its own nursery, school, pharmacy, and supermarket. If they are not the part of development, try locating the closets lifestyle amenities including petrol pumps, shopping centers, and clinic. Ideally self-contained neighborhoods are best for families.

Size of the unit

Possibly you don’t need a huge villa hence small space is sufficient to cater the two of you. But what will you do if your parents decided to live with you or your relatives often visiting you. And surely every couple considers expanding their family as they settle down in their family home. These are the things you should not ignore when thinking to buy a family lodging space in the city. You might feel good in future when your family enjoy living in the spacious home with large windows with the lush green front yard.

Community views can be important

Perhaps you get tired of living in the apartment building along the busy street. Although, your apartment unit is chic and well-equipped, but you don't enjoy the outdoor views from your balcony. And you wish to see some natural beauty like a green lawn or an fresh stream of flowing water outside your house. Then buying a villa unit in a master planned community can fulfill your desire.

Consider buying a high-quality unit

Hence, there are number of single family communities constructed across the city. It is better if you buy a unit in a well-designed community with high standards of construction. Such communities offer units with flooring, wall fittings, modern kitchen appliances and more to benefit buyers. This will also prevent you from facing major expenses you are going to do to furnish your villa unit.

Do some research to choose the best developer

A loyal real estate developer will not leave its clients just after selling a unit to them. Rather they will always try ensuring their clients that their decision is best. Check developer previous record to know the level of services they have offered to their clients. Ask for friends recommendations about their credibility. It is necessary to make yourself satisfied before making any financial transactions.

Service charges and standard of maintenance

Hence, it is believed that service charges for single family units are much lower than apartments. It is necessary to estimate recurring monthly or yearly charges which include after purchase maintenance community. It is better if you inquire about the maintenance agency of community. As it would be difficult for you to find reliable maintenance service provider in case of emergency repair work. Also, look for a smart home security system to ensure high level of security for your home.

Garden area and amenities

Having considered the lifestyle needs of standard families, such projects offer green spaces with all units irrespective to number of bedrooms. Lush landscaping empowers children to get close with nature. where basic amenities encompasses easy access to extras like gym, swimming pool and retail store. Also, check whether the community should be gated to protect your children.
Resale value-last but not the least

So you have decided to buy a villa unit to change your lifestyle permanently. It is possible you might think to resell it to collect finances to fulfill other needs. In case you have found a better job in other country and needs funds to relocate there with your family. Or you are simply shifting to another community to avail bigger and better accommodation unit. It's all up to you, whether you will decide to resell your home. This shows that it is better to consider the resale worth of units before buying in the new community.

Dubai villas for sale can prove to be very suitable for those who need suitable accommodation space to execute housing needs of their families and kids. This checklist will help everyone in choosing to buy family home efficiently.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Soon after the discovery of oil reservoirs in mid of 1960s, United Arab Emirates started exporting petroleum products to earn GDP. Initially, this territory emerged as largest oil based economy. Later with strategic planning and enthusiastic efforts of investors enable UAE to become business and investment hub in the region of Middle East. Especially, Dubai the second largest emirate among all seven showed exceptional progress in all sectors including business, trade, real estate and finance. The city also invested huge money to build up city infrastructure and real estate to facilitate residents.

Luxury lifestyle facilities, tax-free business and investment opportunities, negligible crime rate and progressing economy enable this city to gain the worldwide status of most desirable place to live or invest. Local and foreign entrepreneurs started considering investing in business and finance sectors in the city. Moreover, after the implementation of freehold property law, foreign buyers started thinking about investing in an asset market. Surprisingly, they find real estate very simple to invest and earn profits. There are number of ways you can opt to invest in an asset market. Real estate is a huge sector which is capable to offer several profitable opportunities for investors.  Among them, all apartments for sale in Dubai turned out to be the simplest way to earn profits.

Wide select of units which are available for sale, include serviced/furnished studios, classic, and hotel apartments. You can choose to buy the most suitable type to secure profits. Perhaps, you want to earn profits in long run. In this case, you should go for renting. However, if you are seeking to generate profits quickly selling on higher prices will be the right option for you. If you are buying any kind of residential property to generate earnings or profits, it will be different from becoming a conventional homeowner. As you are not actually living in your home rather you are renting or selling it to others.  Below I am discussing few major types of apartments available for sale.

Serviced /furnished apartments

They are ideal for those who want to generate regular income after renting their residential unit. Overseas investors can also avail this opportunity. Solid growth in the tourism sector has made it very profitable as people are flocking to Dubai throughout the year for multiple reasons. You will be able to generate fixed rental income with lower risks. As you are not renting your property for a long term, lesser paper work is required. No need to sign lease contracts. Letting will be same like booking a room in a hotel. Moreover, the occupant will not demand to for minor repairs and maintenance issues if there are any. Buying a serviced studio or furnished one-bed classic unit will be the best choices for you if you want to generate income on regular basis. 

Hotel Apartments

They are more like hotel suites, what make them different from traditional hotel rooms is that they allow an occupant to cook their food on their own and it’s not mandatory for them to avail room services. If they want to avail room services, they need to pay extra money for that. The major benefit of buying such units as investment property is that you don’t need to deal with tenants directly as such projects possess their own operating system of booking. But as you possess the ownership of the particular unit you can earn good money after letting it.

Whether you have opted to invest in serviced/furnished units or Dubai hotel apartments, there is always a good chance to earn profits. If you want to buy apartment unit in Dubai, it’s better to contact a reliable real estate firm. They will identify your needs and budget and show the most suitable units available for sale.