Dubai Commercial Real Estate Face

Rising demand for all kind of commercial assets is that Dubai commercial real estate has been showing continuously while revealing numerous opportunities for investors.

Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Key Commercial Real Estate Markets in Dubai

Explore and choose the best investment opportunity in Dubai commercial real estate market.

Dubai Commercial Property Market

Dubai commercial property market allures both local and international investors because of the profits. And it is nice to have invested in the market to enhance investment portfolio.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The best way to obtain some considerable profit and make money is by investing in the real estate, specially in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is offering the most lucrative real estate investment opportunities in the present times. Its advancement in the economic sector makes Dubai as the best option for foreign property investment. Most of the property investors from worldwide would consider in the same manner. It surely makes Dubai real estate completely invaluable.

What you need to do here is to look out for the demand of the entire real estate market in Dubai. Even though the market is slowing down due to the global economic conditions, you can still anticipate Dubai properties offering you some great prospects. Why is it so? Consider the following:

Dubai Free Hold Properties
You can buy real estate in Dubai will complete rights of the private property ownership. It comprises of complete title of the land and property. The foreign nationals can enjoy a 100% freehold ownership of few properties in Dubai.

Development In Dubai
Dubai can offer you with great working prospects. People have been relocating to Dubai, as they find great working opportunities in the area. Thus, they really need a place to stay or live in such as villas, houses, apartments, hotels and other residential real estate.

Architectures Dubai
You can find some of the craziest and tremendous architectures in Dubai. Burj Dubai happens to be the tallest skyscraper building located in Dubai presently. The best thing about it is that a man-made lake surrounds Burj Dubai and it has been able to attract people from all around the globe, and as a result they visit Dubai to see the amazing architectures.

Dubai Properties and Real Estate
Some of the most renowned real estate project in the world are from Dubai that have been able to obtain International standing. There are 3 man-made islands namely the The Palm Deira, The Palm Jebel Ali, The Palm Jumeirah. These projects have been able to attract people from worldwide.

Dubai Tourism
As Dubai happens to be one of the most favorite tourist hotspot, and short-term estate rental is one of the most thriving ventures. You can provide tourists with holiday resorts, beach, villas, apartments and other accommodation options.

The Dubai real estate industry is already booming and will keep growing. Now, it is the best time to invest in Dubai properties while you will be able to get the property at bargain price.

When considering apartments for rent in Dubai or Dubai apartments for sale tenants, buyers and sellers need to know the rules around property transactions.  To buy Dubai apartments or when it comes to flats for rent in Dubai, it is important to be dealing with an accredited broker, agent or developer licensed with RERA (the Real Estate Regulatory Agency) which is part of the Land Department - the sole government entity responsible for registration, organisation and promotion of real-estate investment in Dubai. When it comes to Dubai apartments for sale or to buy Dubai apartments brokers must be licensed by the Land Department and adhere to a code of ethics, in addition to carrying a Broker’s ID card. Expatriates can purchase freehold property in Dubai either off-plan or on the secondary market. The search for Dubai apartments for sale or to buy Dubai apartments your best bet is to either look through property portals or via reputable property agency websites. Most brokers charge between 1 to 2% of the property value as their fee, however, you can negotiate depending on who you’re dealing with - a reputable agency will generally include the broker’s fee in the price advertised........Read More

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The rental period for a Dubai property is usually for a fixed term of one year from the start date whether for an apartment or villa and applies only to those with a valid residence visa or a note from the employer to confirm the visa is in progress. For rentals and for the sale of Dubai properties cheque payments are considered a legally enforced bond related to Dubai rentals properties or a Dubai property for sale. When making a payment, cheques should be made payable to the registered owner which you’ll find on the title deed or the sales contract. There are lots of real estate agents and agencies in Dubai involved in the sale or rental of Dubai properties, be it Dubai rentals properties or Dubai property for sale, so be sure to research accordingly for those that can provide a professional and ethical service. There are a number of property portals in town that carry listings from an endless number of agencies of which the most well known is Dubizzle; in addition, for Dubai property units, landlords all over Dubai list their units with multiple property agents and agencies so you may see some of the same Dubai properties with different agents.........Read More

Sunday, May 17, 2015

On the off chance that you're new to Dubai and have secured an incredible employment then finding a home for rent is the accompanying thing to scratch off your summary. Since rent in Dubai is paid early for the whole year, it will impact your cash related status by taking a noteworthy knot out of your year's pay. There are a lot of things to consider while renting in Dubai so in the event that you're feeling overwhelmed, we're here to help you with this little guide that issues you a lowdown on what to do earlier and after ward subsequently you find your properties in Dubai.

1. Pursuing Properties Online

The most perfect way to deal with get an information of the property business, know the larger rents in different regions, and coming to selected property associations is to chase properties online through area districts like Looking properties online can save you an impressive quantify of time and money that is habitually wasted while moving beginning with one property lender then onto the following and going to differing private units in diverse locales.

2. The Real Estate Expert

While hunting down suitable speculation properties through property agents, check that the masters you are overseeing is enrolled with the Area Managerial Association (RERA). If the administrators falters uncovering to you his/her Merchant ID card before any property trade, its optimal to find someone else.

3. Ejari and Rental Contracts

Each rental contract must be enrolled with Ejari. Make an effort not to rely on upon the inhabitance contract issued by the property lender you were overseeing. With a particular final objective to get an approved residency understanding close by the ability to protect your benefit and safely audit trades in the midst of level headed discussion, get enrolled with Ejari. It is vital and truly straightforward too. You ought to do just to go to any composition center with your account requirements and pay the concerning forces AED 195.

4. Visa Matters

Outcasts oblige a considerable home visa before denoting any lease contract yet if the visa application is being taken care of, a letter from their work association communicating so can do the trap. The application for inhabitance obliges copies of your travel grant, Emirates ID, and checks for the rent portion. You are not expected to present your pay confirmation in the inhabitance application as lit up by RERA Senior Chief Mohammad Khalifa Holder Hammad in a meeting with a news source.

5. The Law

There are three laws that cover the rentable houses in Dubai and you must familiarize yourself with them to know your rights and commitments.

Regulations concerning the relationship amidst landowner and inhabitant are recorded in Law No (33) of 2008 that changed Law No (26) of 2007.

Landowners can't grow your rent anyway they see fit. Assertion No (43) of 2013 is sure on that.

If your landowner forms your rent ridiculously, you can report a case with the Rent Board in perspective of Statement No (26) of 2013.

6. Sharing is not giving a doubt in Dubai

A singular private unit is for either a single individual or a lone group. Different families can't share a domain in Dubai, nor can the pads be full. To the people who suspect getting a level mate or two, note that unparalleled individual each 200 square feet is allowed to have a space. Near to three people can have a studio unit, five for 1-room condominium and seven for 2-room unit.

7. Organization Charges

Organization charges concern the portion of utility organizations, for instance, water, power, water and web organizations. These can be related once your course of action is done. You either visit the working environment of Dubai Power and Water Power (DEWA) or apply online for your affiliation. For a DEWA affiliation, a refundable cost of AED 1000 for a space and AED 2000 for a house is required.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Multiple new features to improve efficiency and functionality around the property search

DUBAI, UAE - Wednesday, 13th May 2015: Better Homes Real Estate, the region’s leading property agency for over 25 years, has launched an upgraded version of its website to give new and existing landlords, tenants and visitors greater speed and accuracy of information.  The new site is live at and includes multiple key new features such as a simplified search option, a comprehensive open house page, a direct arrange a viewing button, image scroll tool and instant change of search criteria, all of which were created to make the process of looking for a new or selling an existing property more efficient for its customers.

Upgrades to the website were conducted in-house through the company’s Marketing Department over the course of nine months to address client concerns and issues assembled through their Customer Care Department.  While the site has undergone upgrades in the past to continuously ensure best performance, this recent upgrade has been the most complex.

With over 4,000 unique visitors every month, the company’s website is renowned for its innovative approach to showcasing properties and plays a key role in the marketing of client property.  For more information please visit or call +9714 600 52 2233.

About Better Homes Real Estate: Established by Linda Mahoney in 1986, this is a full service property agency employing over 500 staff; while its Corporate Office is based in Dubai the company operates 10 branches across the GCC open 6 days a week supported by a 24 hour Customer Care Department; the Better Homes service offering comprises residential and commercial sales and leasing, property management, short-term rentals and off plan sales.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There is a far reaching decision of motel cushions and extravagance lodge lofts open for guests to Dubai that address all levels of spending course of action sort and style incline. Tourism and making guests of every single social request and nationalities feel welcome has possessed the capacity to be synonymous with Dubai's own particular liberal society. The change of the Dubai cabin cushions industry all through the most recent 10 years has given potential customers more recognizable decision in where they stay and the aggregate they spend when they do. Hotel apartments in Dubai made for both voyager and business voyager alike, used to offer a standard of association, while today, the continually making measures of guests to Dubai has empowered the motel level industry to raise its association gages by pander to the Dubai overabundance inn space guest. Rivalry inside the business is tight as both voyagers and business voyagers are more quality adroit, driving motel condo suite in Dubai and the Dubai's liberality lodging cushions to dependably raise their bar.

Hotel apartments in Dubai are obvious with singles, wedded couples and families alike in light of the way that they combine associations that make voyagers and guests to Dubai feel more at home than they would staying at a motel; from a kitchen or kitchenette advantage inside the unit to inside intricate subject that makes a more individual space, two fragments that different guests to both inn hotel in Dubai and to Dubai liberality motel cushions appreciate. As indicated by the Dubai real estate Department of  Tourism and Business Publicizing the measure of visitor evenings spent in Dubai inn lofts got the chance to be by around 4% in the starting 50% of 2014. The Dubai motel townhouse industry addresses different voyagers and business explorers embarking to the Emirate for the area and experience so the liberality lodgings for this situation, may not be enter in the last travel collective choice; and the length of the business has an association offering for both the low, mid and high-end of the business, lodging lofts in Dubai and Dubai sumptuousness motel cushions will keep creating and make. In like manner, as the business riggings up for the segment of Expo 2020, adventurers and guests from everywhere on all through the world will drive the method for association at all cash related course of action levels.
Arabian Ranches is an exclusive freehold villa community, which has been built close to the Spring Community and along Emirates Road leading towards Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The community is ideally suitable for expats with families. This community guide will provide a brief introduction about communities of this neighbourhood.

Villa communities of this neighbourhood are divided in to four types according to their construction and architectural design.
  • Contemporary
  • Spanish and Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Moroccan

Communities with contemporary design

contemporary designs
The community is made up of contemporary single-family detached villas of one and two stories with three to five bedrooms. Constructed on huge plots, the residential units offer beautiful views of the golf course and parks. Ceramic tiles and decorative colour pallets are used throughout the development, whereas the kitchens are fitted with stylish cabinetry and bedrooms with built-in-wardrobes. Every unit has a covered carport and a laundry space.

This is another contemporary design community that offers high-end lifestyle in single family detached villas. The project also includes equestrian and polo grounds, parks, lakes, a health spa and a world class golf course. Residential units are available in three different finishes contemporary, classic and standard finish. All units have been decorated with decorative colour pallets and ceramic tiles. Other important features are the maid’s room, laundry space and fireplace. Kitchens and bedrooms are fitted with cabinetry, granite countertops and built-in wardrobes respectively.

Terra Nova
The community is set on the Desert Golf Course with residential units built around Santa Fe-styled villas. Rich colors with contemporary and traditional adobe style architectural layout, makes these houses unique among all. The project offers two story single family detached villas with tiled kitchens and bathrooms. Large balconies, maid room and laundry area are also main features of every residential unit in the project.......Read More

Sunday, May 10, 2015

With the overall cost of living on the rise, the majority of income earners find the cash purchase of a villa or an apartment a challenge and an even bigger ask for potential homeowners in the lower income bracket.  The most common solution is financing a home just as many finance a car through monthly payments.

With many mortgage interest or banking fees on the high side some cash buyers prefer the payment mode by choice thereby saving on associated lending fees, all of which is leading to the process, purchasing a home with cash, being more common in Dubai particularly with properties purchased for the longer term. 

However, there is a new survey out on the market that states 54% of Emiratis pay by cash or by cheque in the purchase of a new apartment or villa while the percentage of expatriates who choose this route is much lower because, in these cases, access to the full cash amount is not feasible.  Percentages include: 27% for Westerners, 37% for Arabs and 39% for Asians who choose the cash or cheque payment mode.

All in all indicators point towards investors demonstrating confidence in the Dubai property sales market with YouGov stating that 3/4s of property buyers are purchasing for their first time, based on a study conducted by the organisation.  And many BetterHomes’ sales agents have experienced a high number of foreign buyers making their first UAE property purchases using the finance route.  The survey also stated that the general trend was for investors in UAE property to be mature buyers (over 50 years old for 8 in 10 of them) and for location to be considered an important decision maker with a greater preference for locations near a beach, a public park, a mosque or a shopping area (stated by 51% of the 308 participants).

Most financial planners will advise that the investor route is only advisable assuming the buyer has ample funds available for emergencies rather than investing all savings on the property purchase; and that it may be wise to consider spending some of the available funds on alternate investments that offer higher returns. 

One financial planner at deVere Acuma said, “There are financial benefits to gain from using leverage to finance the purchase of a property.  A serious investor will know that greater returns are available from leveraging and also owning multiple rented properties helps with diversification. If one unit is empty, the income from the others helps offset the finance cost. If we used London between 2003 and 2013 as an example, the annualised profit from a leveraged property is almost three times that of a property purchased in cash (11 per cent per annum versus 4.1 per cent). There can be tax benefits particularly for expats to leverage including financial planning opportunities to mitigate Inheritance Tax; not so much an issue for an Emirati unless they wish to have a greater choice in succession planning.”

With an improvement in construction quality from developers and more flexibility of payment plans for potential investors, demand for Dubai property investment continues to remain stable.  In addition, government property regulations additionally boost market confidence, particularly the removal of the 5% cap on rental increases which has raised income and ROI making investing a solid alternative to renting.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

We all know Dubai offers various short term rental accommodation options all over the emirate and freehold residential properties for sale for everyone including locals and foreign residents. People are relocating to Dubai to find a better job to improve their standard of life or they just choose this place as their second home to spend rest of their life. Mostly second home seekers prefer to invest their money in some profitable business like real estate, telecommunication and travel/tourism industry. Wide variety of residential properties is available for sale and rent for everyone at different prices. Residents are free to buy or rent residential properties according to their budgets. Residential units start from small studio apartments and hotel apartments to 2-5 bedrooms super luxury apartments and magnificent villas and waterfront marinas. Furthermore, you can also choose furnished apartments or villas, in case you don’t have plans to stay for longer period of time.

Dubai's Inexpensive Residential Communities

During the past few years, property rents are showing significant decrease in major areas of this emirate. It allows large number of people living in studio apartments to move in luxury apartments, town houses and villa communities located in different areas and suburbs in the city. It has observed that areas showing decrease in rent rates are mostly consist of new residential projects located in the close vicinity of Emirates Road, Al Khail Road and Jebel Ali. Such areas display huge number of people migrating from other city areas and emirates of UAE like Sharjah and Ajman. According to data generated by Better Homes LLC there are 14 areas across Dubai, which are known to provide inexpensive, low rent accommodation for tenants. In other words you can say that these communities are known as tenant friendly communities in the emirate........Read More

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Dubai is the snappiest making emirate of United Arab Emirates. It's widened overall qualification among visitors, occasion designers and organization wayfarers. It's improvement their photograph as an perfect place to contribute unwinding energy along with your household and associates and a spot that's known for Real estate opportunities for investors and occupation seekers. The emirate has various worth seeing spots and enjoyment and redirection spots catering needs of all age group. More over, overall multinationals and individual organization visionaries also take unmistakable curiosity to produce their foundations and associations here as a result of cost free organization possibilities and best in type workplaces. The location has quite lately converted in to a refuge for several expats whatever the case to their reason of planning to Dubai.
Purposes behind Increasing Passion of Short term Rental in Dubai
Emirates cosmopolitan setting, neighbourly regional people, first class base and flexible government methodologies have estimated an inconceivable part in causing the town a best place to relocate. Today, Dubai has converted into an otherworldly town over the world providing boundless open entryways for everybody why ought to ready improve his/her lifestyle. Keeping their factor on rising rate of individuals coming to Dubai, State Government and specialists worked in participation to build that town to fulfill all individual and organization comfort needs of individuals nearing here with differing stresses and targets..........Read More