Monday, December 29, 2014

Idyllically located at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia, Dubai is easily accessible from all corners of the globe with maximum flight distance of 8 hours. Boosted up from small fishing village, the city has become regional hub for business, investment and trade. The flexible business policies and tax free lifestyle drags investors and businessmen across the world. The luxury living and excellent career opportunities also attracted job seekers and second home seekers to find suitable job opportunities. Significant amount of money has also been invested to buildup leisure and entertainment facilities to amuse everyone visiting and staying here.

Suitable accommodation is the major concern for everyone either relocating for longer tenure or for a short holiday trip. Although, foreigners are allowed to buy properties in designated areas across the Emirate, buying residential unit is not always the right solution for everyone. Especially those who are on a short holiday or expat workers with no plans to settle down here permanently prefer choosing flat or houses for rent in Dubai.

Property market offers almost all kind of accommodation units for rent. Major options that can be rented include villas and apartments for rent in Dubai. The best thing about renting property in the city is the possibility to rent for longer or shorter period of time. You can even imagine finding a flat for rent in Dubai for few days or weeks without signing the leasing contract. Short term renting is common among tourists, holiday makers and business travelers, who are visiting for limited span.
Following are the few famous accommodation unit types available for leasing for short stay or extended stay.


These are the independent housing units, occupying the part of a building. Such buildings are usually high-rise towers with several floors. Dubai is world renowned to offer cozy spacious studios and luxury apartments with several rooms’ ranges between one-six bedrooms. Besides this, they are also available as serviced and furnished units to provide equipped living space for those who don’t want to stay in conventional holiday rentals like hotels and resorts. Or one can rent unfurnished apartment too for extended stay in the city. Most of the projects are located on prime locations and provide easy access to daily life amenities like retail, grocery, gym and public transport. Having considered these facilities, foreigners prefer choosing apartments for their accommodation. 

Villas are just like single homes. Despite possessing the status of opulent accommodation, you can find to rent a small villa with 3-4 bedrooms. They are very suitable for families as they are capable to support comfortable living for families. With private parking and garden area they proffer complete peace of mind for residents. The kind of residential units are constructed in gated communities in order to provide security. Villas can also be rented for short or extended stay. After considering your needs, you can choose the best among villas for rent in Dubai to enjoy luxury living.


Dubai hotels are world famous for their luxury, exceptional architectural design, braded interiors and d├ęcor. Those who don’t have budget constraints choose to book a room for their stay in Dubai. Several hotel projects are dotted across the city. You can search to find three, four, five or even seven star hotel in the city according to your capability to bare expenses. Almost all units are capable to offer modern lifestyle amenities for everyone staying there.

These are the few short stay options in Dubai. Most of them can not only be rented as holiday rental but also rented for extended stays.

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