Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dubai is one of the most sought out tourist locations today, and isn’t just a haven for them. Yearly, numerous people visit the Emirate with the intention of settling down, and with 2020 on the horizon it doesn’t look like the numbers will fall any sooner either. The Dubai real estate industry is already booming and will keep growing making it the best time to invest in Dubai properties at the bargain price. Moreover, visitors here find short-term renting is more feasible in terms of budget as they can conveniently complete whatever business they arrived for, then pack up once they’re done and ready.

Choosing a real estate agency

Getting the most out of an effective property management service depends on the real estate agency you choose to go with. In the case of tourists, a good estate agency will provide them with holiday resorts, beach, villas, apartments and other accommodation options. Most recently, certain Dubai real estate projects that have gained worldwide popularity over the years, namely, the projects involving: The Palm Deira, The Palm Jebel Ali and, The Palm Jumeirah.

With more than 25 years dealing with Dubai real estate, Better Homes is known for their comprehensive services. A person looking for new Dubai properties or interested in selling an existing property will find it relatively easier. Those looking to dive into new opportunities in terms of real estate in the market, the Better Homes property management service takes care of Dubai properties, Abu Dhabi and beyond, giving peace of mind to landlords and tenants. 

The inner workings

Better Homes offers management options for Dubai real estate on single and multiple units, as well as entire buildings and developments in both the residential and commercial sectors. With an average occupancy rate of 96.8 per cent, they have a reliable market reputation of putting landlords and tenants first. 

The estate agency knows and understands that no two Dubai properties are alike and that the same goes for their clientele who usually have varied tastes and requirements. Supervisors and agents even take personal responsibility for properties, ensuring consistency of service.

Analyze your options

Whether you want to buy or rent out a living space to accommodate your family, analyzing your lifestyle needs, family size and income is all you would need to do before checking out Better Homes Real Estate comprehensive property management service.

Their leasing agents and marketing team handle the managed Dubai properties and offer visibility on multiple forms of broadcast media and through their website. While handling Dubai real estate, there’s also screening of potential new tenants, collecting rent, carrying out maintenance and organizing contract renewals, allowing landlords to enjoy the benefit of their investment rather than the hassle are all part and parcel with the service. Thus, tenants can equally enjoy professionally managed and maintained properties with quality service.

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