Tuesday, August 25, 2015

You may run out of words, but still you will not be able to put into words what Dubai feels like. There might not be much natural beauty there, but whatever it has, that is totally mind blowing. The gorgeous beaches, man-made attractions and breathtaking desserts. What else can you ask for? If you are in a mood to go for vacations or simply a city break, Dubai must be on your wish list. You cannot only give your eyes pleasure of seeing the lovely architecture and luxurious skyscrapers, but there are many points where nature is depicted in its best form - for example, the deep, peaceful and glorious deserts. There might be lots of them in the world, but it is said that desert safari in Dubai is an ultimate experience and nothing can beat that.

You do not have to plan anything before going to desert safari because there are many companies to facilitate your need. You simply have to walk up to them and explain your requirement. They pick you from the desired spot in their luxurious SUVs, which are driven by experts and under government license. All you have to do is enjoy at top of your heart and gain memories by simply following the plan that the company has for you. You can visit our website here: http://desertsafaridubai.mtdubai.com/desert-safari-dubai.html

Here are a few tips that can make your desert safari experience even better:

1: Go for those professionals who share a good market reputation. For this purpose, you can inquire either your hotel, or some locals. If not, internet is full of information that can help you in making a good decision.

2: Always check for the package that the company has to offer – do not compromise on the rates otherwise you may not get what you have been intending. Do not get impressed by the common options that each company would offer you. For example, common options that each company include:

-  Dune drive
 - Sand ski
·  Refreshments

·  Camel trek

·  Costumes

Always evaluate your plan according to the hours you are going to send in the desert. For example, if it is a morning package, you might be happy with simplest options and get away with fair rates. However, for evening, night and overnight plans, the real pleasure includes:

·  Shisha

·  Belly dancing

·  Bonfire

·  Dinner - BBQ

·  Henna painting

·  Bar availability

·  Camp

·  Security

Therefore, never compromise on anything because together all these aspects make your desert safari worth it. You would feel more like being on a roller coaster during the dune bashing – it is certainly a peaceful and thrilling experience when you are moving up and down the sand dunes or enjoying sand ski. Do not forget to snap your pictures with friends or family while getting all the pleasures. Moreover, yes, enjoy the sunset or the sunrise if you get to experience one. Dress up like commoners so that you can cherish their culture too. For once you can live lovely moments in the desert because once it would end, you will be left with a bunch of lovely memories only.


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