Sunday, October 18, 2015

Have you ever worked in an open plan office space? If not, you may or may not be missing out - depending on your personality. An open plan office has no distinct rooms or enclosed spaces, rather the workstations are placed together and sometimes (if you’re lucky) separated with short screens or panels giving a subtle sense of privacy.

The concept was designed to improve workflow and communication – but does it really work? In this article we explore a couple of the pros and cons an open plan office for rent in Dubai has to offer, and the how it affects employees and their work duties.

 Improved Communication and Reduced Concentration 
A space with no walls may make it easier to interact and communicate with one another, but it comes with the price of too much noise and too many distractions, both which can cause employees to lack focus on their work and find it hard to conduct business. Sometimes there is a need for peace and quiet in order to get on with tasks that need your full attention.

Introverts Vs Extroverts 
While extroverts seem to bloom in the highly social environment that is an open plan office, introverts find it incredibly uncomfortable, draining and hard to cope with and you shouldn’t have to find a way to ‘cope’ at work, especially if you love your job. In an open plan office those who are more introverted tend to use headphones and music as a way to escape all of the distractions and ‘escape’ their colleagues.

Not all employees are wired to succeed in an open plan office space, as every person’s personality type differs. But as the open office space trend continues to grow in popularity with more and more businesses opting to cut costs and squeeze in more employees, their decision might be more detrimental to their employees and their business than they think.



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