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Property management companies in Dubai

At Better Homes Property Management, we service the entire UAE. Our clients include individuals, private investors and commercial entities. With decades of experience behind us, Better Homes has the knowledge, experience and a sophisticated understanding of the Dubai property market to help you advertise your investment and gain maximum exposure needed to attain the highest return.

By working closely with you, we identify your needs and goals, to bring better value toward your investments and give you the confidence and security that you need. Rest assured, your best interests are well served by our dedicated property management team.

Wide Range

We offer property management solutions for single units, multiple units, entire buildings and developments in Dubai’s residential and commercial segments. At Better Homes, we strive to provide professional and proactive property management along with exceptional customer service to owners and tenants.


Our property management services cover all of the daily necessities required for your property to be successful in giving you the best possible returns; giving you the flexibility and freedom to explore your goals. We offer a full and comprehensive range of property management solutions ranging from accounting to coordination of repairs and maintenance. This way, we commit to providing you value-added services which make your Dubai property operate more efficiently and effectively.

To begin with, we provide ongoing maintenance to improve daily operations and prevent costly repairs. In the event of road repairs, we work closely with maintenance experts and get contracted work done when necessary, by scrutinizing closely for quality and efficiency.

Why you need a property management company

As a leading property management company, we work directly with prospects and tenants, saving you time and worry over marketing your Dubai property, rent collection, repair and maintenance, tenant communication and in certain cases, evictions. Additionally, we bring our knowledge and experience to your Dubai property.

Market Research and Property Inspection

Our dedicated Property Management team systematically performs a market rental analysis and a thorough inspection of Dubai properties in order to determine the appropriate rental value. Upon communicating this to the owner, we begin teaming up with them to strategically manage their unit. Additionally, we conduct a detailed pre-handover inspection of your Dubai residential property, identifying all visual defects and faults that need to be rectified by the developer.

Strategic Marketing

We successfully market your Dubai property so that a reliable tenant can be identified through our professional screening services. As for advertising, we use bhomes.com, which attracts millions of unique visitors each month and features a detailed description of every Dubai property alongside descriptions of the home, location, size, floor plan and rental fees. Additionally, we engage in the re-marketing and management of your vacant Dubai property between tenancies.

Tenant Screening

We utilise a professional screening service to evaluate a prospective renter’s credit, background check, professional and employment history, rental history and other references. Our complete screening process offers numerous rewards and advantages such as low tenant turnover, sustained occupancy rates, happy tenants and satisfied Dubai property owners.

Rent Collection

We promptly collect rents and provide you with a cheque or a direct deposit to the account of your choice.

Dispute Resolution

We help you with resolving disputes in a judicious manner. In the event of non-payment by tenant, absconding tenants or other disputes requiring legal attention, we register a case with the Dubai Rental Dispute Settlement Centre. Additionally, we arrange for legal notices to be sent to tenants, on behalf of the landlord, in line with the governing law.

Move-In/Move-Out Process

At Better Homes Property Management, they do a comprehensive walk-through of your Dubai property and have a detailed document to assess damages. Furthermore, we conduct periodic inspections to ensure that your Dubai property is maintained responsibly and is ready to move into. At the end of a tenancy contract, and at the beginning of a new one, we provide a detailed check-in/check-out report which has the inspection information to record the condition of the unit, verify that the handover is complete, and/or that deliverables such as keys, access cards and documents are received by the landlord from the tenant.

Hiring a property management company can be great for your bottom line. As a Dubai property owner, the first thing to consider is whether you have the time and expertise to manage your Dubai property. Will you be on call 24/7 to handle issues that may arise? Are you comfortable confronting tenants over late payments?

Working with a property management firm can eliminate day-to-day hassles and offer valuable assistance with lightening the load as long as you own a property.

Give us a call and we look forward in working with you.

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