Thursday, October 20, 2016

Looking for a studio apartment rental? At Better Homes, we have a wide selection of the best studios for rent. Search by location, price and amenities that are important to you.

Read on for a list of the most budget-friendly areas for studio apartment rental in Dubai.

Dubai International City: Dragon Mart is a major attraction. Dubai Outsource Zone, Academic City and Dubai Festival City are the nearest communities.

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Discovery Gardens: Situated in Prime residential locations, these areas are adjacent to each other; verdant, and offer numerous utilities for families and is close to Dubai Media City, TECOM and JLT. The nearest metro is Ibn Battuta.

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Dubailand: Growing at a fast pace, Dubailand is a multi-faceted district with sporting, entertainment, and retail attractions alongside well-priced residential communities.

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Dubai Investment Park: Dubai’s new business hub, Dubai Investment Park has a number of residential projects- both completed and under construction. The community is not fully developed but it’s close to Barsha and Dubai Motor City.

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Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC): Located in the heart of new Dubai, JVC has villas and buildings which offer many studio apartment rentals to choose from.

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Dubai Sports City: The community enjoys a reputation for being a friendly area that offers affordable apartments.

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Making the most of a small space requires a certain amount of design. Here are a few steal style ideas for your studio apartment rental.
  1. Go in for fewer, larger pieces of furniture instead of many, smaller pieces.
  2. Try adding a wall-to-wall bookcase. Not only will it expand how high your ceilings look but also be a great way to add storage. It will also turn the focus upward and make you forget about limited floor space.
  3. A mirror placed opposite a window will instantly make a room feel bigger.
  4. Declutter. Reduce, discard and then enjoy your spacious, mess-free space.
  5. Place a curtain around the bed. It’ll give you a feeling of a cozy bed tucked into a cubby.
  6. Let the colour of your drapes match that of your walls. Also, having some of the furniture in the same colour as your walls, will help your space look wider.
  7. Create multi-functional spaces. Use your couch to watch TV and the pull-out bed inside for when you have guests over. Let the ottoman serve double duty by functioning as a coffee table and storage for your throws or linen.
  8. Throw in a few see-through furniture pieces such as glass tables and acrylic pieces. They’ll trick the eye into thinking there’s more space than there actually is.
  9. Go big. Dramatic art pieces that are slightly oversized will make the space feel more open.
  10. You don’t have to fill up every square inch. Leave some blank space – be it a wall or just room on the floor.
Here are 10 ways to decorate a studio apartment rental for little or perhaps no money.

  1. Nicecycle: What’s lingering in your closet? Take a good look at what you have that has some visual appeal. Be it a travel souvenir, a collection of family photos, books or perhaps even an old kimono, they’re great ways to add colour and elevate the mood of the room.
  2. Upcycle furniture: Don’t give up on that battered old chair or footstool just yet. Reupholster them! Repaint or replace door and drawer knobs or apply a coat or two of paint to your table, chairs and dull alcove shelves for a fresh, new look.
  3. Rearrange décor: Moving furniture around can be an instant lift-me-up. Try placing the desk by a window, the couch by the television or move art to different walls to change the mood.
  4. Paint: It’s one of the cheapest tweaks you can make to switch up a space. Instead of repainting the entire room, try painting just the insides of bookshelves or just one wall.
  5. Wall stickers: Choose big, bold designs and use them to accentuate features such as a painting or mirror. Not only are they affordable, they’re also easy to apply and easy to take down if you fancy a change.
  6. Change the frames: Decorate a wall with frames of varying shapes and sizes or unexpected wall fixtures such as a glass vase filled with flowers or coloured pebbles or just left as is, to make the room interesting.
  7. Roll out the carpet: A small, printed rug can add a warm, decorative element to your living room and is a great way to decorate on the cheap.
  8. Throws: Throws add a dash of colour, are perfect to snuggle under and instantly refresh a tired room.
  9. Go green: Buying fresh flowers can add up, so pick up realistic faux florals – they make any room feel livelier. Better still, plant some aromatic herbs and place them in a colourful window box for a quick update to your studio apartment rental.
  10. Change the lighting: Replace an old lampshade with a bright one. Or just clean the ones you’ve got! If the lamp you have doesn’t match the décor, hide it behind a piece of furniture so that your studio apartment rental can still enjoy the light.


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