Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sound efforts of State Government, authorities, investors and developers not only help Dubai to got itself recognized as the regional hub of Middle East but also enable this city to compete among the international hubs across the world.  A Strong economy, negligible crime rate and tax-free lifestyle of this emirate, efficiently dragged the attention of foreign investors and job seekers. After considering the better standard of living and opportunities to earn good profits, most of them decided to relocate here permanently. Moreover, ultra-modern infrastructure, leisure, entertainment and diverse range of accommodation options mesmerize second home seekers who are looking to find the suitable place to settle down after retirement.

Dubai is so capable to cater business, investment and lifestyle need for everyone willing to relocate. Despite fulfilling business and investment needs, the city possesses so many options to cater the universal need of accommodation for everyone. Whether you are a single, a couple of two or a standard family, it is possible to find suitable living space on temporary or permanent basis. Common lodging options include villas, guest houses, hotels, resorts, and apartments. They are most famous among expats as they are available in different sizes and types to cater the customized needs of residents. According to your lifestyle and investment objectives you can choose to buy apartments in Dubai.  Following are the few major types of apartments available for sale in Dubai.

Studio Apartments

They are ideally suitable for singles and expat workers because of their affordability. Buying a studio can be the very profitable investment as there is a huge demand for them in the rental market. It includes sleeping, dining and kitchen facilities in a single room with a bath area separated by a wall. A decent sized studio can be perfect for anyone who is relocating for the longer period of time without any intention to fetch their family. You can even add some temporary partition to create sleeping area in the corner if it is large in size.

Classic apartments with one to several bedrooms

They are ideally suitable for families and support expats to live with their families. Irrespective to the number of rooms in a unit every unit consist of separate kitchen, bathroom and living area. You can buy a small unit with one or two bedrooms or a large unit with three, four or five bedrooms. Classic units are also available with a small isolated room that can be used as maid room or for any other purpose according to your needs. You can buy a unit of one or several number of bedrooms according to your needs and budget. Despite living there, you can also rent them to generate good money.


If you are fond of luxury living, duplex or triplex will be the ideal option for you. Consist of two or three separate floors interconnected with private staircase, they offer more living space to accommodate large families. Bedrooms are usually positioned on upper floors whereas kitchen and living hall on the lower floor. Buying a luxury duplex can be a profitable investment as well. If you are planning to relocate permanently, this kind will exactly fulfill your needs.

These are the major kind of apartment for sale in Dubai. You can choose to buy the one after considering your family size if you are buying it for yourself and budget in case you are buying for investment purposes.

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