Saturday, January 3, 2015

Some of you may be heard that paying monthly rent is equivalent to throwing money in contrast to paying mortgage installments. Well, it is not essentially true for all. In several cases, choosing to rent an apartment is much more beneficial over owning a home. Renting is suitable for working expats who don't have plans to find permanent residence and for locals who can't afford buying housing unit.

Ideal location at the crossroads of major continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe, United Arab Emirates is known as regional business and trade hub of Middle East. The country is world famous for several fantastic reasons like huge oil reservoirs, negligible crime rate, zero taxes on income and profits earned, luxury lifestyle, entertainment, and adventure. Wide select of people including businessmen, investors, job seekers and holidaymakers are considering this country to relocate or visit to enjoy luxury.

If you are a foreigner thinking to relocate to UAE to find the better job or to find better investment or business opportunity, you will essentially need some suitable lodging space. Everyone must have heard about hotels, but this is not the right choice for those with a prolonged stay. Perhaps, you need accommodation for several months to several years. Renting is very suitable in such cases. Apartments for rent in UAE are very capable to fulfill accommodation needs of such residents. Renting an apartment will not only provide you suitable living space but also offer certain extras like gym, swimming pool and parking area. They also give easy access to retail and grocery stores, banks and public transport to their residents. As apartment buildings are usually located in downtown of the city.

You can even find furnished and unfurnished apartment for rent in UAE. You can decide to choose the suitable option, according to your needs.

Pros of renting furnished apartment units

If you have some budget constraints or you are short with time and need accommodation as soon as possible, renting a furnished unit is best option for you. You can save good money and time as well, which you will be spending on buying new furniture or on shifting huge furniture and household items. Setting aside the need to spend money on moving furniture is one of the major benefits of furnished space. Besides this, you can even find a serviced studio or classic unit to rent in UAE for a week or few months even. Even tourists or holiday makers with plans to extend their stay will benefit themselves with such options. Moreover, if your job requires frequent relocation or traveling furnished residence is a perfect choice.

Pros of renting Unfurnished apartment units

Renting an unfurnished unit makes more sense for those who want to extend their stay in the city for the unlimited time. Expats who have found some more permanent opportunity to work or invest in UAE prefer choosing to rent unfurnished accommodation. Freedom to decorate on your own is the common advantage tenants will enjoy renting with them. You are free to select the furniture and home appliances of your choice or you can paint walls as you like. Although, rent rate is usually less than furnished units, you need to make a significant financial investment to decorate your living space. If you are looking to rent an unfurnished apartment you can easily find an unfurnished studio or classic with several number of bedrooms, according to your needs.

Whether you are going to choose furnished or unfurnished apartment for rent in UAE, you can enjoy several common amenities like pools, play area, laundry services, and other community facilities. Such facilities are usually offered as complimentary with no extra charges.

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