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Being spotted among finest places to settle down on earth, Dubai is known to offer a plethora of choices to cater lifestyle needs of its residents. From housing, career and education to entertainment and dining facilities, there is no shortage of opportunities. Luxury lifestyle offerings have enabled this city to drag people attention across the world which resulted in unusual population mix of 80% expats and 20% local Emirati residents.

The true melting pot of diverse cultures is capable to proffer diverse comfortable accommodation options which are available for rent and sale. Irrespective of being foreign national, local UAE national or GCC residents, you can choose to buy residential property in Dubai. Despite there is a huge select of lodging units are available for sale, villas in Dubai becomes most preferred choice among buyers who need more space, privacy and comfort to accommodate their families. Below I am sharing a simple checklist which may help those who are looking to buy a villa unit for family accommodation.

Location-the key factor

A location is the prime factor every buyer has to consider. While deciding a location, it is suggested to consider the proximity with public transport like Metro or a tram station. Next you should check amenities available within the community. A family friendly development perhaps possesses its own nursery, school, pharmacy, and supermarket. If they are not the part of development, try locating the closets lifestyle amenities including petrol pumps, shopping centers, and clinic. Ideally self-contained neighborhoods are best for families.

Size of the unit

Possibly you don’t need a huge villa hence small space is sufficient to cater the two of you. But what will you do if your parents decided to live with you or your relatives often visiting you. And surely every couple considers expanding their family as they settle down in their family home. These are the things you should not ignore when thinking to buy a family lodging space in the city. You might feel good in future when your family enjoy living in the spacious home with large windows with the lush green front yard.

Community views can be important

Perhaps you get tired of living in the apartment building along the busy street. Although, your apartment unit is chic and well-equipped, but you don't enjoy the outdoor views from your balcony. And you wish to see some natural beauty like a green lawn or an fresh stream of flowing water outside your house. Then buying a villa unit in a master planned community can fulfill your desire.

Consider buying a high-quality unit

Hence, there are number of single family communities constructed across the city. It is better if you buy a unit in a well-designed community with high standards of construction. Such communities offer units with flooring, wall fittings, modern kitchen appliances and more to benefit buyers. This will also prevent you from facing major expenses you are going to do to furnish your villa unit.

Do some research to choose the best developer

A loyal real estate developer will not leave its clients just after selling a unit to them. Rather they will always try ensuring their clients that their decision is best. Check developer previous record to know the level of services they have offered to their clients. Ask for friends recommendations about their credibility. It is necessary to make yourself satisfied before making any financial transactions.

Service charges and standard of maintenance

Hence, it is believed that service charges for single family units are much lower than apartments. It is necessary to estimate recurring monthly or yearly charges which include after purchase maintenance community. It is better if you inquire about the maintenance agency of community. As it would be difficult for you to find reliable maintenance service provider in case of emergency repair work. Also, look for a smart home security system to ensure high level of security for your home.

Garden area and amenities

Having considered the lifestyle needs of standard families, such projects offer green spaces with all units irrespective to number of bedrooms. Lush landscaping empowers children to get close with nature. where basic amenities encompasses easy access to extras like gym, swimming pool and retail store. Also, check whether the community should be gated to protect your children.
Resale value-last but not the least

So you have decided to buy a villa unit to change your lifestyle permanently. It is possible you might think to resell it to collect finances to fulfill other needs. In case you have found a better job in other country and needs funds to relocate there with your family. Or you are simply shifting to another community to avail bigger and better accommodation unit. It's all up to you, whether you will decide to resell your home. This shows that it is better to consider the resale worth of units before buying in the new community.

Dubai villas for sale can prove to be very suitable for those who need suitable accommodation space to execute housing needs of their families and kids. This checklist will help everyone in choosing to buy family home efficiently.

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