Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Availability of surplus choices has made the real estate market more inevitable for conventional buyers and investors alike. Dubai property market possesses a huge supply of diverse asset types including a wide select of residential and commercial units, which are an available sale. Major types of assets available for sale include apartment, villa, resort, hotel, warehouse, and office and retail space. Besides offering plenty of options, State Government also implemented a legislation in the year 2002 which is called Freehold Property law to facilitate foreign buyers as well. Hence, foreigners are allowed to buy properties in designated areas across the city; overseas buyers started searching for suitable Dubai properties for sale.

You are not short of options 

Huge supply of fresh units and high profile developments is not only the single reason that helped to achieve the status of investment hot spot in the region of Middle East. Rather certain other factors are also involved. Like warm winters, low crime rate, zero taxes on income and profits are also dragging prospective buyers. In addition to that adequate regulatory system gives complete peace of mind to everyone looking to buy an asset in Dubai.

Buy to avail the finest options

Strategic investment of Petrodollars and collective efforts of investors and developers have enabled this city to compete with well-developed hub cities in the west like London or New York. This emirate has become the home for breathtaking residential and commercial towers and world’s finest resorts and villas. Moreover, white sandy beaches, year round sunshine and hospitality of Arabs make this city an ideal option for second home seekers. As more people are relocating to find their second home they eventually buy a classic apartment or villa for their accommodation.

It will be a great feeling to find home in ideal location

On the other hand, it ideal location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe make it easily accessible from all major continents across the world with maximum flight distance of 8 hours. After considering this ease to travel, businessmen and corporate firms started relocating their head offices and franchises in Dubai as they find it easy to interact with their international clients while owing a work setup in the city.

Find a perfect second home and enjoy lifestyle

Last but not the least, the cosmopolitan culture and nightlife of this city also played a great role to drag foreign property buyers across the world. As they find this city a very suitable place to retire and spend rest of their life in their own house in a foreign country. Negligible crime rate, good margin to earn profits and tax free shopping allures everyone.

These are the few reasons that played a major to grow the demand for all kind of properties for sale in Dubai. Whether being investor, job seeker, second home seeker visiting this bustling city of UAE might wish to own their home or office unit in the city.

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