Sunday, January 4, 2015

Asset market in Dubai offers plenty of accommodation options for everyone including singles, couples, and families. Having considered the increasing interest of foreign nationals towards this city, in order to find better job, business and investment opportunities, real estate developers purposefully constructed residential dwellings to execute accommodation needs of singles and working couples who have relocated to this city as an expat. Being single resident, it is useless to rent a huge villa or classic apartment unit with multiple beds.  Studios and one-bedroom units are the two most suitable lodging options they can avail according to their convenience.

Low cost is the major advantage associated with studio units. In contrast to classic one bedroom apartment in Dubai, studios support an economical lifestyle.

How studio apartments are facilitating economical lifestyle for singles/expat workers?

Lower rent rates

Rentals for a standard studio are obviously lesser than the classic unit with one bed. This way you can save the significant part of your budget you will be spending in paying rent. Those who have strict budget constraints should prefer these units while renting.

Save from electricity bills

As they provide small lodging space with kitchen, dining and sleeping area altogether with walled bath area, it is possible to reduce huge electricity bills. You don’t need to install a separate light for every area. A huge central light and few smaller lights can fulfill the needs. Similarly, it’s easy to maintain the temperature of interiors in summer and winter with small energy consumption.

Smaller furnishing expenses

As studios are smaller in size, they don’t require much furnishing. There is no need to buy huge dining table and sofas. Kitchen counter can serve your dining table. Huge range of multipurpose furniture is also available in the market. You can buy the one, according to your needs. You can also lease a furnished unit if you don’t want to spend your time and money in renovation and decoration.  If you are sharing with a roommate things become more affordable.

You may have more spare time

Being small in size, they don’t need much time for routine cleaning and upkeep. But this doesn't mean you can throw anything anywhere. You have to be more organized while living in a studio. There is little space for clutter. If you don’t care and keep on throwing things your living space becomes messy. If you want to enjoy having more spare time for rest and freelance work, you show some level of responsibility to keep your place organized.

Considerable privacy

Despite being smaller in size, studios are capable to provide increased level of privacy as compared to hotels. If you are on the short trip, letting a furnished studio will be a cost effective solution for them. As they can keep their belongings safe and sleep well in the night.

Singles or expat couples, who have relocated to this city for the certain period of time, can benefit with studio apartments for rent in Dubai. You can find them to rent as both furnished and furnished units to support better life.

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