Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dubai the second largest UAE emirate is known to offer endless opportunities not only in business and investment sectors but also in leisure and entertainment sector. Whereas, luxury accommodation options beautifully compliment these opportunities by fulfilling housing needs of everyone staying in the city. A huge select of residential options is available for lodging purposes. After considering your needs, you can choose to buy or rent a residence for you.

Why should you rent an apartment?

  1. Apartments (studio/classic), condominiums, villas, and townhouses are the few major types of housing options available for rent or sale. If you don’t have any intentions to settle down here forever, renting will be an ideal choice. Furthermore, if you are a single or young working couple of two, apartments for rent in Dubai are just right for you. Even if you are migrating with your family, classic units with multiple bedrooms will provide enough living space for family accommodation. 
  2. Living in a rented unit is amazingly convenient. Being a resident, you can enjoy dedicated property maintenance services to call anytime if anything goes out of order. Instead of this, you can also avail many extras for free like gym, swimming pool and parking facilities. Usually apartment projects are constructed in the prime location across the city they also proffer easy access to public transport, retail outlets, and business centers. 
  3. Spacious studios and classic units with one to multiple bedrooms are key types of apartments available for rent in Dubai. All these types are available as furnished /serviced and unfurnished units. You can take advantage of any type after considering your own needs. If your job and lifestyle demand frequent migration to other city or country, choosing a serviced unit will be suitable for you. On the other hand if you are planning to stay in the city for unlimited duration or you have future planning to accommodate forever, then unfurnished units are more apt choice as they offer more freedom to spend your money on your own way. You can choose the furniture and house appliances according to your lifestyle needs in contrast to making payments in case of furnished units, for amenities you hardly avail or utilize during your stay. 
  4. If you compare the two traditional real estate deals of renting and buying residential space in Dubai, you will come to know buying is expensive as compared to leasing. You need to spend considerable amount of money on property maintenance. In addition to that there is always a risk of depreciation for your asset. 
  5. Choosing to rent apartment in Dubai can be convenient for those who are not able to buy a home due to their budget constraints and other lifestyle issues. In case you are not satisfied with you current lodging space, you can end up your lease contract any time or you can immediately leave the current space at the end of your lease. You have the complete freedom to rent an apartment across the city. As Central Bank of UAE has implemented a rental cap on rents, tenants can rent with complete peace of mind as their landlord is not allowed to raise the rent above than applied rental cap.

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