Monday, January 5, 2015

As you have been living in Dubai as single working expat for several years and you have eventually decided to make this city your second home and needs family accommodation here. You might be thinking to buy a villa to provide tranquil and secure accommodation for your family. Being constructed in gated master planned communities on prime locations across the city, Dubai villas are ideal for families. They also proffer other lifestyle amenities like retail stores, gyms, sports club and parks within the community. Generally speaking, it’s a good decision to choose independent dwelling to accommodate your family.

Despite you have been living in the city for long time, you may still need to know few basic things to streamline the process of suitable house hunting. Don’t get mesmerized after watching the beautiful lawn and impressive exteriors. Below I am sharing few things which will help you to find a suitable one among the heap of villas for sale in Dubai.

Establish priorities

Priorities should be established before even viewing any unit. You should sit down; recall and writing everything you wish to see in your family home. It’s better to consider taking reviews of your family members. Few of you possibly thinking its total waste of time and there is no good of doing that. Believe me, this simple effort will empower you to make the right decision to opt for the best. As you have already decided and know your lifestyle essentials.

Work with reliable real estate firm

Being the vibrant sector, the property market in Dubai is experiencing the lot of happening.  This not only includes property transactions but also includes huge involvement of buyers, seller, tenants and professionals. It is necessary to find a reliable and RERA authorized agency to avoid scams. A certified consultancy firm will help and guide you in the right direction. After considering your budget and needs, they can better suggest you the most suitable unit to purchase.

Explore about different communities and neighborhood

Whether you have decided to buy ready now unit in existing community or you have chosen an off-plan unit in under construction community. It is suggested to explore the community to check lifestyle offerings it possesses to offer for their residents. Are you looking for a residence that provides easy access to supermarket, area gym and school or you prefer living near your workplace to reduce the daily commute? Or you are interested to know the resale value of properties in the neighborhood. Considering these checkpoints will facilitate you making the right choice. As buying a lodging space for your family, is huge investment indeed, even for conventional buyers.

Consider property valuation Report before making final decision

Once you have chosen a unit to buy and proceed for lending money, a lender may send a third party to evaluate the ready now unit you are going to buy. If the appraiser found unit price significantly high as compared to other similar units in the community, the lender will not lend the whole amount you have requested for. In such cases, you have to arrange this extra money on your own. It is better to double check the property and its price to avoid unnecessary financial stress. Perhaps, you have got allured with huge swimming pool and lush green front yard. If this cost too much then it’s better to switch for other option.

Whether you are going to buy an off plan or ready now villa in Dubai, read thoroughly all the documents before signing sales contract. If you are taking the mortgage for your property purchase, try to obtain a copy to read the document before meeting with your lender.

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