Monday, January 5, 2015

Raised from a small fishing village, Dubai has recognized itself among international hub cities. The highly developed Middle Eastern country is capable to cater business, investment, leisure and entertainment needs for people living and visiting. Besides fulfilling these business needs, real estate investors and developers focused to construct the wide range of residential dwellings to fulfill diverse accommodation needs of people coming and staying in the city across the world.
Despite being ultra-modern, spacious and well fitted with chic home fixtures, residential units can also categorized into different types according to their construction pattern and architectural design. If you start searching residential properties for rent in Dubai, you will find diverse kind of dwellings.

Residential property types

Perhaps, you have decided relocating to Dubai with intentions to become an expat worker or a foreign investor. You will essentially need a suitable lodging space in order to keep your belongings safe during your stay in the city. It’s not possible to buy or rent a home as soon as you land in the city. Initially, you may book a hotel room for your stay. But you can’t continue living there for the longer period of time let’s say for several months or years. As it can vanish away your funds soon. What I suggest for such expats is to do some research on the internet before you actually landed in the city. While searching on the internet you will find a wide select of housing units available for rent which can facilitate tenants including singles, couples, and families. You are free to select the most suitable housing unit to rent after considering your lifestyle and accommodation needs. Below I have discussed few most common types of residential assets available for rent in the city.


The kind of housing refers to a purposefully constructed unit in a multilevel residential building. Dubai is known to offer various kinds of apartments that mainly include studios, classic units with one to several bedrooms and penthouses. You can choose to rent them furnished or unfurnished. They can support comfortable living for singles, couples, and standard families as well.

Villas or Single Family Homes

According to their construction design, Dubai villas are same like single family homes. They don’t share walls with their neighborhoods. If you have migrated with your family, this will be a perfect choice for you. After considering your family needs, you can rent a small unit with three or four bedrooms or more in case you have the huge family. You can enjoy unmatched privacy while living in the villa. Possibly these units possess their own front yard and backyards. Despite all these benefits, you will need to spend more time on maintenance.


Condominiums are more like single family homes. What makes them different from single family homes is that they share walls with one or two other units in the community. Most of the projects offer shared facilities for community residents including the gym, swimming pools and lounge areas for community gatherings.


The type of unit is a combo of condominium and single family home. Townhouses are usually constructed in the building with multiple floors. Their interior construction design is same like single family homes with shared walls like condos. The dwelling also offers shared rooftop deck or sitting area or yard space that can be used for gatherings. But they don’t offer gyms and pool.

Whether being single or expat, if you are looking to find suitable accommodation for rent in Dubai, diverse options are their to execute housing needs. It’s all up to you to identify the best dwelling type to rent.

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